Because Bouncing Boobs And Benefit Cosmetics Eyeliner Are Must-Haves When Getting Arrested For Stealing Diamonds


So what’s a girl to do when she’s running from the cops, drops her stash of diamonds, gets arrested, get placed in a cop car to be hauled off to the police station to be arrested and have a mug shot taken? Stealthily slip out of her handcuffs while seated in the back of the cruiser so you can apply eye liner so you look great for that mug shot.

Really. It’s that simple. And looking good no matter the situation is a good thing, right? Which is apparently how the agency behind the work, Sausalito-based BSSP, thought it should go down.

And according to Benefit Cosmetics Creative Director Hannah Malot, it’s going to be BIG!!! She gushes,”This spot has the feel of a cinema trailer – a true testament to the influence of director Noam Murro and a fantastic idea by BSSP. We think it will have enormous appeal around the world and will be shared and liked by our global audience through social media and word of mouth. The product is a true innovation in the marketplace.”

Good luck with that. You might want to switch your YouTube video from Unlisted to Listed, though. Just sayin’

Even A Disrobing Table-Dancing Hottie Can’t Distract This Guy From His Studies


In this Dutch ad for Vifit, a health drink that apparently helps keep you focused, a college girl does her best to distract a guy from his studies. But since he’s drinking the magical Vifit, even a hot girl who strips down to her underwear and does a dance routine on the table right in front of him can’t sway this guy from concentrating on his studies. Via.

We haven’t seen ad ad this blatantly sexual in a very long time. Thank you, Vifit.

Nicki Minaj Removes Her Clown Make Up And Bares Bootylicious Curves For Wine Shoot


Last we saw Nicki Minaj, at least in the ad world, she was in psychedelic Pepsi commercial in which a guy and a girl somehow teleport to one of her concerts. This week, she’s back in a new campaign promoting her own brand of wine, Myx Fusions Moscato. And you’d hardly know it was her without all that cartoonish makeup she usually wears.

In a photoshoot for the new commercial, the deliciously curvaceous Minaj can be seen sporting various cleavage-enhancing bikinis while surrounded by some hot sailor dudes.

During the shoot, she filled her Instagram feed with shots from the shoot but didn’t include a single shot of the so-called wine she is promoting. Which is just as well because it’s packaged in a six pack and looks like really cheap wine cooler.











Maybe the Pleated Plaid Miniskirt Isn’t the Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear


Hmm. And we thought the pleated plaid miniskirt was the hottest thing a woman could wear. After watching this DB Latina Puerto Rico-created Axe ad, we may have to reconsider.

We’ve watched the ad twice and we’re still not sure what they’re selling. Deodorant insurance? Who knows. From the moment a woman dressed in a short black miniskirt and high heels struts into view and says something along the lines on, “In the game of love, there are times of war,” our focus was, shall we say, distracted.

So do us a favor. Give the ad a watch and let us know what they’re really selling.

Sexy Asian Dancers Shake Booties to Change Perception of Classical Music


Classical music gets a bum rap these days. It’s perceived as the thing only your grandparents listen to yet its the backbone to almost every great move ever made. B-Classic, a Belgian music festival which promotes classical music is out with a new video that asks us to envision classical music differently.

We all know a great video can vastly increase the appeal of a piece of music. MTV knew that and built a business on it. Now that’s YouTube’s job. But we digress.

Check out this video in which cheerleaders and hot pants-clad hotties shake their booties to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco as if they were in a hip hop video.

Making of documentary:

On Chatroulette, This Girl Gets These Masturbating Guys to Check Their Balls For Cancer


Well now at least we know Chatroulette is still thing. Who knew? We can thank Spanish ad agency VCCP for reminding us with a testicular cancer awareness campaign which made use of the chat services primary feature; guys who have no problem self-pleasuring themselves on camera.

The campaign video shows a young woman video chatting with guys willing to reveal themselves through the webcam. The woman encourages the guys to touch themselves and towards the end of the video — when things are getting hot — the message is delivered, making men face their own contradiction: if you show your parts to millions of people, why don’t you show them to your doctor?

The agency chose Chatroulette because, according to Rocio Nogueroles, President of AAA Cancer, “Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer among men between 15 and 45 years old. 95% of cases detected on time can be cured without problems.”

Half Naked Man Says the More Sex We Have The More Lives We Save


In a new video created by TDA_Boulder for Sir Richards Condom Company, Andrew Kresge, director of operations for Sir Richards, says, “I’m doing my part to help the world. That’s what we do here at Sir Richard’s. For every condom you purchase, we donate one to a developing country. So far, Sir Richard’s has donated over 2.5 million condoms.”

As Kresge gets up from behind his desk to sign for a delivery, we see he is naked from the waist down (no worries, it’s SFW pixelated). He says to the delivery man,”Want to have sex with me and save the world?” The deliveryman replies, “No thanks.” Unfazed, Kresge tells the delivery, “See ya tomorrow,” Then summons his assistant on the intercom: “Hey, Stacey…” A bored voice answers, “Not saving the world today, Andrew.”

And so it would seem. The man is into having sex to save the world. Hey, who wouldn’t be?

The video is a bit goofy but it’s for a good cause. As the video closes, Kresge urges viewers to share the video on Facebook and for each share, he’ll donate a condom in your name. Hmm. Not too sure I want a condom given out in my name but it’s all good. For a cause.

Pervy Upskirt Shot Touts American Apparel Miniskirt Line


It’s been a while since we’ve seen shenanigans from American Apparel. But an image currently on their website promoting a new line of miniskirts features a women wearing a pleated miniskirt bent over exposing her underwear. And it caught our attention.

As many have noted, the brand seems uninterested in actually showing the skirt and far more interested in pervy titillation.

Of American Apparel’s penchant for this approach to marketing, in 2008, we wrote, “It’s getting to the point where when viewing the latest American Apparel ad you begin to wonder if they are even real. That or some art director over there has a constant hard on and can’t create anything that doesn’t resemble a place in which to thrust his throbbing urgency.”

Seems things haven’t changed much. It’s still all about the pornification of things and the objectification of the female form soley for the puposes of making a few bucks.

OIver at E, Jenna Mullins wrote, “The reason why we think this photo is so creepy (besides the obvious) is that there are 20 different ways to showcase the skirt in a sexy way that doesn’t involve a girl bending over. In fact, we don’t really know what that skirt looks like, because all we can see is what’s going on underneath the skirt. And that is what makes our skin crawl.”

As much as we’re a guy, we’d agree with Mullins’ assessment. There’s no place for this sort of imagery in marketing. In the privacy of your own home…or somewhere in Vegas…maybe. But not in an ad for clothing.


‘Hot Dreams’ Distracts From Super Bowl Mania


When our dear friend Shannon Stephaniuk from glossy sent us this video, directed by Leblanc + Cudmore who just signed with Revolver Films, for Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams, we had to whip out the Oban, light up a cigar and pretend we were at a very elegant strip club. Because, where we live, there are no elegant strips clubs so we had to use out imagination.

Thanks for distracting us and filling our head with dirty thoughts, Shannon!

Instagram ‘Belfie’ Sensation Jen Selter Lands Another Endorsement Deal


Jen Selter, the New Yorker whose amazing ass brought her fame and now fortune on Instagram, has — as we knew would happen — signed yet another marketing partnership deal. This time, it’s Cirrus Fitness, a fitness equipment manufacturer.

If you haven’t heard, or have been living under a rock, a couple years ago Selter began working out. She noticed it was firming up her body, most notably, her butt. So she decided to post posterior pictures, of belfies, to her Instagram account. She now has 2.2 million followers. Most probably following for reasons entirely separate from fitness-related purposes.

Of her new deal with Cirrus, Selter said, “I believe in motivational fitness. Cirrus equipment has personality, it is fun and it will help people be active. Cirrus makes great durable products that I’m proud to share with my followers, and I can’t wait to start developing my line of products.”

Selter already has deals withNew York water brand NY20 as well as nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition.

According to the agreement, Selter will collaborate on a custom Jen Selter line of fitness products to launch later this year, focusing on helping all levels of fitness enthusiasts achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Selter will use Cirrus products and will promote the brand on her social media channels by sharing workout tips and videos, featuring Cirrus Fitness yoga/exercise mats, stability balls and medicine balls in workout programs. Selter will also host product giveaways via her social media channels.

Jen Selter’s Amazing Ass Landed Her Endorsement Deals


If you use Instagram, no doubt you have heard of Jen Selter, the 20-year-old New York woman who joined Instagram in March 2012 and rose to fame because of her stunningly curvaceous ass. If not, you aren’t one of her 1.4 million (and growing) followers.

Selter, who began taking belfies (butt selfies) of her ass after she began working out following high school, has endorsement deals with New York water brand NY20 as well as nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition. She’s also had offers from Nike, Lulumon and New Balance. While she won’t share details of the deal, she did tell the New York Post the deals will earn her “a lot more than a [college] graduate would be making. So take that all you Harvard MBA types.

In sharing her photos, which consist mostly of her wearing workout gear and tight dresses, Selter aims to motivate people to stay in shape. Of that goal, Selter says, “The only way you will see results is if you stay consistent.”

Selter has cultivated a large social following. In addition to her 1.4 million Instagram followers, Selter has 510,000 likes on her Facebook page and 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Selter, who lives with her mother in New York’s Upper West Side, gets her motivation from within and says, “It’s cool seeing your body transform. That’s what motivates me. Fitness isn’t just about looks. It’s about how you feel.”

How does Selter’s mother feel about her daughter’s Instafame? “I’m very proud of her because this is a girl who didn’t want to go to college and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people.”

Right now, hundreds of brands are knocking on Selter’s door.








Even Fidel Castro Won’t Stop You From ‘Finishing” Too Fast


If there’s one thing PETA’s good at, it’s leveraging every last sexual connotation to prevent you from eating meat. But maybe this connotation is the best yet because it has to do with meat (both kinds) and the fact that eating meat (the animal kind, not the human kind) can apparently cause men to “release” to quickly. Watch as this one guy conjures Fidel Castro while aiming to go long with a hottie busy polishing his knob.

This Model’s Underwear Will Horrify You! And Make You Run Out And Buy New Underwear


Ah, the double standard. Men seem to get away with a lot more than women when it comes to fashion. While it’s completely acceptable for a guy to show up to an event in jeans and a t-shirt, God forbid a women show up in anything less than a form fitting, cleavage-bearing cocktail minidress and a pair of high heels.

Or be caught dead stripping off her clothing to reveal underwear that looks like, oh, a guy’s pair of underwear that’s been through the wash 2,000 times. Yup, SS+K has created an in-your-face, double standard-slapping message for TommyJohn that says men should take just as much pride in their underthings as women do…or are forced to due to lopsided cultural norms.

It’s quite the brilliant approach really. Seduce (trick?) men into watching a hot model seductively disrobe. Cause them to throw up a little in their mouths. Then make them feel ashamed they reacted that way. All to sell underwear.

Hundreds Disrobe And Roll Around on Giant White Sheets to Promote Health Brand


UK-based Man + Hatchet has created a beautiful stop motion video consisting of naked people who helped tell the story of Sam, a man who isn’t a fan of his body. The army of nudity (which really isn’t NSFW since it’s shot from a distance) form an illustrated story touting the benefits of exercise for health brand Withings. It’s like a kid’s story book except with naked people. Tasteful naked people of course.

Strange Braun Ad Makes Woman Shave Before She Dons Glass-Encased Dress


We’ve never had this happen to us to we guess we’ll have to ask the ladies. Have you ever had your closet put it a giant “Stop” message in front of you before you reach in to select your dress for the day? The woman in this Braun ad gets a stop message seemingly because she has not shaved herself smoothly enough to be “allowed” to don the dress. Or because the computer that controls access to her closet hasn’t yet decided whether or not she’s smooth enough to don the dress. Or something like that.

Anyway, she’s ultimately allowed to wear the dress…which is a good thing because she’s strutting around in her underpants and she needs to get that ass covered. Then there’s some weird orgasmic moaning interlude which occurs as she caresses her smoothly shaven legs in what appears to be some sort of montage memory of her shaving experience. She then struts her way out of the warehouse — in slow motion, of course — and…cut to Braun logo.

The work was created by BBDO Dusseldorf and directed by Eduardo Vieitez.

Kmart’s ‘Jingle Bell Junk’ Urges Men to #ShowYourJoe


You know, after seeing Kmart’s Draftfcb-created Ship My Pants and, to a lesser degree, Big Gas Savings, you wonder what the agency could possibly come up with next that would be even remotely interesting. Well, George Parker be damned, the agency has delivered again with Show Your Joe, a co-branded effort with Joe Boxer.

In a ad, six men dressed in a tux on top and boxers on the bottom perform jungle belles with, yes, their junk. And this is how we sell underwear in 2013. Your grandmother will be horrified!

Though, perhaps, it’s not only your grandmother. While it would appear most find the ad humorous (if the YouTube Like/Dislike ratio is any indication), not everyone is joyous for the junk.

On Facebook commenter, Joshua Michael, wrote, “Maybe it’s just me (though I know it’s not) but it seems that the sole goal of Kmart’s PR department is to put the company out of business. I wish I could say I won’t shop at your stores anymore because of your #showyourjoe ad, I really can’t because I haven’t shopped there in over a year and never will.”

To which Kmart replied, “Hi Joshua – Thanks for your comment. We regret if it was seen as offensive; that was not our intent.”

Now we could go into a whole diatribe on the not so insignificant differences between “regret” and “sorry” but that’s been done so many times before, we aren’t going to bother. Suffice to say. this work won’t likely face backlash. However, it it were six women spinning jingle bells from atop their lingerie-clad boobs, that would be another story entirely. Reverse standard? Double reverse standard?

But complaints aside, the ad is funny. Why? Because we say it is, that’s why. Now go to Kmart and buy some Boxers.

These Hand Jobs Will Put Your Latest Hand Job to Shame


As, ahem, hand jobs go, the gig is pretty straight forward. Not much skill is required. Unless, of course, you have the finesses of an elephant operating a bulldozer with a bear trap as a back hoe attachment.

However, when it comes to hands given the job of selling LG Smart TVs, the gig is a little bit more difficult and requires a bit more skill as you will see in these six, hand-powered ads illustrating epic battles for the remote.

Seriously. We’ve never before seen such skilled hands. The jobs these hands do are simply amazing. It makes regular hand jobs look, well, positively fruitless, limp and entirely unsatisfying.

Ukraine-based Escape created the…ahem…hand jobs.

This Lingerie Ad Is Like A Less Innocent Doublemint Twins Ad


Most lingerie commercials are, predictably, lame. They all involve some form of sexual connotation because, after all, lingerie, as well all know, isn’t not made to be worn under your clothes; it’s made to be flaunted as you undress and snare your objects of desire.

This commercial from ACW Grey, Tel Aviv for Israeli lingerie brand Delta is just as boring as all the rest — until the end at which time we are given a, shall we say, less than innocent version of the Doublemint Twins take on things.

Much a like a morning after in Las Vegas, the woman in this ad wakes up and begins to piece together what transpired — and with whom — the evening prior. A lingerie ad from a woman’s perspective. You don’t see that too often.

Pinocchio Gets A Nasal Stiffy in HIV Awareness PSA


Loaded with double entendre, this French AIDS awareness campaign features a randy Pinocchio hooking up with a willing lady who asks Woody if he has any condoms. He replies, “No, it’s fine. Don’t worry.” Which, taken one way, could be a perfectly acceptable answer since Woody is just a piece of lifeless wood.

On the other hand, here Woody is a metaphor for the 615,000 people in Europe who have HIV and don’t know it…and should always wear a condom. After he tells his date not to worry, Woody sprouts a metaphorical nasal hard on which, we suppose, he should heed as a warning. Or engage in some sort of nasal sex fetish. TBWA Paris created the ad.

Ads Punk Men Who Don’t Care What Hot Women Have to Say


Here’s a completely different take on the hot-chick-in-advertising thing. Perhaps to teach a lesson to — or punk — all those Neanderthals with prurient thoughts (ahem), Hill Holliday crafted a witty campaign for Clark Bars in which hot women speak different languages while…looking hot.

While they may, indeed, look very sexy in these ads, they are not talking sexy at all. They’re talking nonsense. Which is all revealed on the Are You Clark Enough site to which each of the four ads links.

And while men may enjoy listening to hot women speak in foreign tongues, this is just proof they really don’t care what the women are saying. As long as they look sexy doing it.

Fair comment on men’s visual fixation with women? Via.