Amnesty International "Look beyond borders" (2016) 5:00 (Poland)

One part thought experiment, one part Marina Ambramovic this spot compels Europeans to think differently about refugees by putting them in a room, face to face with each other. The idea is for people to look beyond borders to see the real person and not where they come from. Something of interest to note: this experiment was conducted in Berlin, nearby Checkpoint Charlie. The interactions were unscripted and spontaneous. The refugees had been living in Europe for less than a year.

Tymbark – At its Best Age – (2016) .30 (Poland)

Tymbark - At its Best Age - (2016) .30 (Poland)
I like how the shots are all discreetly branded with something green. Idea-wise this is your usual life-style juice keeps you active & healthy tactic.

The groovy music is “Alright” by Supergrass.

SSYP – Smoking Shortens Your Penis (2016) case study (Poland)

On a popular Polish reality MTV show called Warsaw Shore, where there’s booze, sex and more sex happening, the ad agency Grey decided to deliver a message to the men, and all of the viewers. The message is SSYP – Smoking Shortens Your Penis, and it’s delivered via teeny tiny free condoms. The same condoms are being given out at popular night clubs in Warsaw, and used in hilariously awkward sex education classes in school. I think the teenagers got it, Grey.

Mila – “Surprisingly Fresh” / Live Frozen Fish pack (2016) :60 (Poland)

A long time ago as I walked through my local market, a fish literally jumped out of an ice-counter and on to a counter. The fish monger grabbed it, made a big show of smacking its head, then winked at me stating “we sell really fresh fish here”. I was too surprised to come up with a witty retort.
Someone at Y&R in Poland must have seen something similar, because to dispel the myth that frozen fish is “old” somehow, they built some cool animatronics into a special fish box, and had the “fresh fish” jumping in the frozen fish section of the super market. The boxes were connected over wifi so they’d only start jumping when shoppers were around. “Surprisingly Fresh”, is the brands tagline. Pretty attention grabbing, pretty cute.

The Fish at This Grocery Store Are So Fresh, They're Still Rattling Around in Their Boxes

Nothing says fresh fish quite like the anguished death spasms they exhibit upon being caught, which Y&R Poland recently simulated in amusing fashion for a grocery-store prank.

The agency, working with creative lab Jack the Maker and production company Raymond, created “The Live Fish Pack,” which looks like a fish in a box—but behaves like a fresh catch by jumping around now and then. As an fun added touch, the box was connected by wifi to a proximity sensor, allowing it to know when shoppers were approaching—and start shaking and jumping accordingly.

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This Clever Amnesty Campaign Imprisons Your Cursor Within a Banner Ad

Sometimes an ad idea just doesn’t get the reach it deserves, and this is certainly one of those times.

Polish agency The Digitals created a little-seen banner/pop-up ad last year that asked site visitors, “Do you want to dissolve the government?” Hovering over the response button would then lock the user’s cursor into the ad, which displays the message, “In Belarus, you would go to prison for that.”

The ad then released the cursor and asked the viewer to sign a petition to similarly release human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski, who eventually walked free last summer. 

Amnesty from The Digitals Sp. z o.o. on Vimeo.

(For the technically minded among you, Amnesty’s case study explains, “We used two formats: double billboard [750 px by 200 px] and a transparent top layer, which runs it when you hover over the banner, hiding the cursor when outside.)

Despite the limited scope of the ad, its click-through rate was impressive.

“It was kind of an experiment,” Micha? Kobierzewski, creative director for The Digitals, told the Epica Awards. “We only got about 450 impressions, but out of those, 50 people signed a petition.” 

Kobierzewski will be a juror in the international award show, which is currently accepting entries.


PZU "My Favourite toy" (2015) 1:38 (Poland)

PZU is one of the largest financial services companies in Europe. They’re also a big seller of insurance. To teach families the value of insurance, PZU started with their children. The My Favourite Toy” initiative starts with an insurance agent giving a child a toy, and a voucher for it. That child is then responsible for their toy’s care. Should something happen to the toy, they send it back to PZU to fix it. And if it’s beyond repair, they will send the child a voucher for the cost of of the toy so they can replace it, thereby teaching the child about insurance! Fun idea.
I can just imagine the look on the child’s face when the insurance rep asks him things like “Did you keep the receipt? No? Well we don’t really know what the cost is so we’ll just give you three dollars.” Or “Well, you’ve had your toy now for a few months and with depreciation, it’s now worth half of the initial cost.” They might as well start hating insurance companies at a young age.

Everyone in This Amazing Stock Photo Collection Is a Cancer Patient or Survivor

Nowhere is the world more carefree than inside stock photographs. The sense of normalcy they communicate is so pervasive, it’s become cliché. Which is why it’s such a stroke of genius that Isobar Poland is developing a stock-photo bank using only models who are cancer patients or survivors.

Life for them, of course, has been anything but carefree. Thus, their involvement in the “Photos for Life” project is joyfully defiant on a few levels. It shows cancer isn’t a death sentence—indeed, that patients and survivors are just as capable of the most stereotypical happiness possible. And it lifts the gloom from the disease and bathes it in ridiculously perfect lighting.

Prices start at $75 for use on the web and in magazine, or as little as $8 for personal use. All profits go to the Rak’n’Roll Win Your Life! foundation to finance therapy for cancer patients. More images below.

Agency: Isobar, Poland
Managing Creative Director: Maciej Nowicki
Senior Copywriter: Jan Cie?lar
Senior Art Director: Rafa? Ry?
Photographers: Pawe? Fabja?ski, ?ukasz Zi?tek, Jacek Poremba, Karol Grygoruk
Production Company: ShootMe
Production Company Producer: Micha? Majewski
Graphic Designers: Adam Zawiasi?ski, Bart?omiej Bednarski
Programmer: Piotr Budek
Account Manager: Aleksandra Matuszewska
Integrated Director: Ewa Rzewuska-Wolska

WWII Video Game Will Pause for 1 Minute Today to Remember the Warsaw Uprising

A video game set amid the resistance to Adolf Hitler’s war machine and played globally 24/7 will pause for 60 seconds today to commemorate the 70th anniversary of World War II’s Warsaw Uprising.

Enemy Front, created by Polish game studio CI Games, will halt at 1 p.m. Eastern, coinciding with an annual minute of silent remembrance held in Polish cities. 

The Warsaw Uprising was a two-month effort by Polish freedom fighters to evict Nazi invaders, but the hard-fought rebellion suffered from a lack of support by the Soviet Union’s nearby Red Army. Thousands of Polish fighters were killed, as were more than 150,000 civilians, many of which were slaughtered in mass executions such as the Wola massacre.

The action in Enemy Front, a first-person shooter released a month ago, takes place among WWII resistance groups, with the Warsaw Uprising providing a major focus.

During the game’s freeze today, players will be directed to to learn more about the uprising. They will also be encouraged to share that knowledge on social media. The site will stream a two-minute film that shows footage of modern Warsaw’s automobile and pedestrian traffic coming to a standstill as sirens wail and the residents remember the sacrifices of the past. McCann Worldgroup in Poland devised the campaign.

“We hope that though this event, we can help the world understand the importance of that fateful day in Warsaw and why it is important to honor the memory of all those who fell in combat, helping us to achieve freedom,” explains CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski.

Some might criticize the maker of a violent video game for tying a promotion to an event with such deep significance. I find it refreshing, even brave, to give players historical context, reminding them of the title’s basis in history, when there was no reset button, and the stakes of the “game” were life and death.

Beautiful Interior Design In An Apartment In Warsaw

Les jeunes designers polonais Maciej Kurkowski et Maciej Sutula ont collaboré pour ce projet appelé « Kredytowa » : construire un appartement et une salle de conférence à Varsovie. L’intérieur est parsemé de détails comme par exemple des gravures sur les murs ou au sol. Les photos sont de Paulina Sasinowska.


Aerial Photography by Kacper Kowalski

Focus sur les séries de photos aériennes du photographe polonais Kacper Kowalski, après sa nomination pour les Sony World Photography Awards 2014. Toutes prises en plongée, il livre des images prenantes et vertigineuses sur différents lieux de la Pologne et de la Chine. Une sélection de ses photos dans la suite.

Kacper Kowalski’s portfolio.

Aerial 1
Aerial 21
Aerial 20
Aerial 19
Aerial 22
Aerial 18
Aerial 16
Aerial 15
Aerial 14
Aerial 13
Aerial 12
Aerial 11
Aerial 10
Aerial 9
Aerial 7
Aerial 6
Aerial 5
Aerial 4
Aerial 2
Aerial 3

Pawel Jonca Illustrations

L’artiste polonais Pawel Jo?ca a un style bien à lui : des illustrations aux messages subliminaux, parfois poétiques mais toujours plein de finesse. Il gagne de nombreux prix, et travaille pour la presse polonaise et internationale. Une très belle carrière et des illustrations sublimes à découvrir dans la suite.


Fake George Clooney Stars in Awesomely Bad Polish Ads Seeking Foreign Investors

George Clooney has proven more than willing to shoot ads over the years—particularly overseas, and particularly when the advertiser in question isn't completely embarrassing. He appears to draw the line, though, at lame spots encouraging foreign investment in Poland. So, the Poles had to go with a Clooney look-alike—an actor named Parviz Ghodsi, who plays Clooney in the three amusingly awful ads below. Ghodsi looks enough like Clooney to have had a short documentary made about him, though he looks enough unlike Clooney to simply add to the cheesiness of this campaign. The ads urge investment in Ma?opolska. If that's located in Eastern Poland, I'm in.

Man Proposes to Woman With Custom Horror-Movie Trailer at Theater

So, you really love your girlfriend, and you want to ask her to marry you. But the old ring-in-the-champagne-flute has been done to death. What to do? Obviously, you try to scare the hell out of her by splicing her photo into a mashup of bloody-knife-fight-in-the-snow footage from thrillers like The Grey and The Bourne Ultimatum, then tack on some footage of yourself stalking her at the local movie theater, while getting said theater to run the whole package as a trailer before the movie she's out to see for girls' night. Then, you show up with a bouquet of flowers and microphone in hand, pop the question and waltz into a state of eternal happiness. No sweat. Of course, the weird wedding proposal is an already rich genre: You've got your banner ad proposals, your infographic proposals and your crowdsourced proposals, not to mention your fairly run-of-the-mill highway billboard proposals. This new one raises the bar for effort, and also for not being totally, nauseatingly saccharine in a really public way. It's really not a fair comparison, though. Every proposal would be better in tortured Liam Neeson voice. Via Mashable.

Media Decoder: A Boy Saved by Oskar Schindler: Memoir Will Tell the Story

Leon Leyson was 10 when the Germans invaded Poland, but was saved, along with some members of his family, by Oskar Schindler, who employed them in his factories.


A l’origine présent pour réaliser une vidéo sur les traces de l’holocauste en Pologne et notamment à Auschwitz, Matty Brown a décidé de montrer par la même occasion le présent et tout l’enthousiasme que lui évoque ce pays aujourd’hui. Une belle vidéo appelée « Bipoland » à découvrir dans la suite.


Tattoo Infographics

Etudiant à la Academy Of Fine Arts en Pologne, le créatif et designer Paul Marcinkowski a eu l’excellente idée de créer une infographie complète sous la forme d’un tatouage, le tout sur l’ensemble du corps. Une superbe idée très bien réalisée à découvrir en détails et en images, dans la suite de l’article.

Tatoo Infographics1
Tatoo Infographics4
Tatoo Infographics6
Tatoo Infographics5
Tatoo Infographics3
Tatoo Infographics2
Tatoo Infographics7

2013 Arrinera Supercar

Voici ce supercar du constructeur polonais Arrinera basé à Varsovie. Un coupé sportif imaginé par Lee Noble, rappelant les lignes de Lamborghini. Particularité : le véhicule est équipé d’une caméra thermique pour la vision nocturne. Prévue à la commercialisation pour 2013.








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Chopin Museum

Un musée moderne conçu par les architectes Migliore + Servetto et consacré à l’oeuvre de Frédéric Chopin. Il propose un dispositif technologique audiovisuel et interactif. L’inauguration a eu lieu cette semaine à Varsovie à l’occasion du bicentenaire de la naissance du compositeur.







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Things get closer.

Advertising Agency: PZL, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Kot Przybora, Iwo Zaniewski
Art Directors: Mikołaj Manżett-Leszczyński, Jagna Wesołowska
Copywriter: Magdalena Goll
Photographer: Łukasz Murgrabia
Published: May 2008