Using The Correct Plug In’s Can Assist With Your Blogs Success

Many individuals are beginning to comprehend that a blog can be a terrific way for them to begin increasing the quantity of money they make each and every month. A lot of you are already aware of the fact that they make different plug-in’s for your blog, and some of the plug-in’s available can be quite useful. Because there are in fact thousands of various plug-in’s available for blogs it is very difficult for many individuals to decide which ones they ought to be using. Many of you will be happy to discover that we are going to be telling you which plug-in’s will be a number of the most effective for you to add to your blog.

There’s one plug-in in particular that every single blog ought to have on it and it is called “Add Post Footer”, and this is one plug-in that is very powerful. The very first thing you’re going to find concerning this plug-in is that it actually has the ability of placing an advertisement at the end of the articles you make without you having to do anything at all. For people who know what a related posts listed is, you’re going to find that this plug in will be able to add one of these lists at the end of each and every post on your blog. This is a thing that is fantastic for your SEO, simply because you are going to be interlinking your blog in the major search engines will end up keeping more of your posts indexed within their results.

When it comes to incorporating AdSense advertisements in the content material that you add to your blog, you are going to find that there are plug in’s available that can do this for you automatically. When these ads are actually positioned with in the content, the chances of people clicking on them increase in comparison with simply placing these in a sidebar. Some of these AdSense plug-in’s will have different features so it is going to be your choice to actually check them out and find out which one you actually want to use on your blog.

Another plug-in you may possibly want to include on your blog which can explain to you where your traffic is coming from and just how much you receive each day is the “StatPress” plug in. This plug-in has a number of different features but one of my favorite features is the fact that it can tell you what search terms men and women have used in the search engines like google in order to arrive at your blog. Something I ought to point out about acquiring the stats is that it will assist you to decide the proper search engine optimization techniques that have to be improved on your blog.

So for those of you that are looking to make more cash from your blog or learn ways to wind up getting more traffic these plug-in’s can be extremely useful.

Save energy, recycle an idea / Sauvez de l’éléctricité, recyclez une idée

PinguoinPublicis Pinguoin2b
EDF (French energy supplier) – 2006
Source : Cannes press SHORTLIST
« If you don’t preserve nature by switching off
your computer, who will? »
Agency : Publicis Conseil Paris (France)
CELG Energy savings – 12/2012
Source : CCSP Brazil
« They would if they could »
« save the planet »
Agency : AMP (Brazil)

Plugged to the past / Une belle prise?

prise2006saatchiSimko prise2012
Groupe E “The energy to always do more” – 2006
Source : Adsoftheworld, Cannes Lions Archive
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Simko (Switzerland)
Elmu Emasz energy company – 2012
Source : @rc Magazine Billboard Contest
Agency : Unknown (Hungary)

Plugged on the very same idea / Branchés sur la même idée

orchidee2003 orchidee2009
Rowenta Neo / Orchid with electric plug – 2003
Source : APPM,
Agency : Publicis Conseil (France)
Ambi Pur / Orchid with electric plug – 2009
Source : Luerzer’s International Archive
Agency : Grey Worldwide Warsaw (Poland)
Bien sûr il fallait être au courant que l’idée existait déjà… mais peut-être étaient-ils au parfum? Qui sait…
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