Phonotube, making music with light


Inspired by Bell’s patent for the photophone (a kind of telephone that uses light instead of electricity), artist Arcangel Constantini developed the Phonotube which uses fluorescent tubes and strips of leds as light instruments and sound sequencers for audio and visual performances continue

Crystal forming robots


The crystal forming robots are a physical simulation of a growth process, similar to the growth of crystal structures. Each robot operates autonomously and is driven by the light of the overhead projector… continue

"Volta", the oversized voltaic pile


Over the course of a several hour long performance, the Volta team built up a giant and foul-smelling pile that alternated copper plates, clothes drenched in acid and zinc.

I didn’t stand and stare until the final moments of the performance but I wish i had. The goal was to use the oversized battery to produce enough energy for one light bulb, suspended from the ceiling continue

White Whales Performance

Le photographe Lintao Zhang a réussi à capturer ces superbes images lors d’un show le 7 janvier dernier au Harbin Pole Aquarium en Chine. Une véritable chorégraphie « White Whales Performance » entre les plongeurs et 2 bélugas à découvrir dans une série de photographies dans la suite de l’article.

White Whales Performance3
White Whales Performance4
White Whales Performance2
White Whales Performance
White Whales Performance5

Human Tide recria obra perdida de Duchamp, “La Maree Humaine”

Em 2010, um trabalho desconhecido do artista Marcel Duchamp foi encontrado em Norfolk, Inglaterra. Dentro de um livro assinado pelo artista, haviam instruções e desenhos datados de mais de 100 anos sobre uma obra chamada La Maree Humaine.

Os estudos pareciam imaginar pessoas pintando ondas com luz, para fins de captar impressões lineares do ir e vir de uma maré. Além da tecnologia de seu tempo, a obra perdida virou realidade através da performance Human Tide.

As agências Syzygy e Unique, em parceria com Park Village, decodificaram os estudos de Duchamp preservando as medidas de 1 quilômetro de cada uma das três linhas em seus desenhos, criadas a partir de luz e filme com o movimento da maré.

A projeto gigantesco fez part do I am not dead festival, uma celebração centenária do tempo que o artista passou em Herne Bay, Kent.

O palco da performance contou com vários participantes para rastrear a beira da maré por 1 quilômetro, usando enormes pedaços de madeira com sensores de luzes, afim de marcar os momentos em que a água encontrava a areia. Três trilhas separadas foram feitas desta forma. Ou seja, são desenhos criados por grupos de pessoas, a “maré humana”.


Para saber mais, o making of da performance está disponível aqui.

A obra foi filmada em timelapse e como fotografias de longa exposição. O resultado final é uma pintura gigante de ondas de luzes sobre um movimento rápido do sol e da maré em sincronia, acompanhados por uma trilha sonora exclusiva de Paul Hartnol.

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Eniarof: part village fair, part geek extravaganza


Eniarof looks like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s like a very wild, very Far West version of a digital art festival, with elements of village fair, hacker meeting and circus thrown here and there continue

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 42: X&Y, a theater play about mathematics, humour and infinity


Award-winning science communicator Professor Marcus du Sautoy and actress and mathematician Victoria Gould use mathematics and the theatre to navigate the known and unknown reaches of our world continue

Ergo Sum – The creation of a second self using stem cell technology


For her project Ergo Sum Charlotte Jarvis donated blood, skin and urine to the stem cell research laboratory at the University of Leiden. These donations have been transformed into stem cells, which in turn have been programmed to grow into cells with different functions such as heart, brain and vascular cells.

The result is a biological self-portrait; a second self; biologically and genetically ‘Charlotte’ although also ‘alien’ to her – as these cells have never actually been inside her body continue

‘Thermal’, audiovisual performance of an overheating microwave


I had an exchange of emails with Mario De Vega to talk about Thermal, a performance in which he uses microwave ovenss to alter the molecular composition of different materials. The work also uses custom-built hardware to sonify the electromagnetic activity produced by the overheating of the content of the ovens continue

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 38: Marco Donnarumma


Marco Donnarumma is a young performer and sound artist who gained fame across the world for a series of performances and instruments that use open biophysical systems to explore the sonic dimensions of the human body. His interactive instrument Xth Sense won the first prize in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition and was named the 2012 “world’s most innovative new musical instrument” continue

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 35: Atau Tanaka


Atau Tanaka is a composer and performer whose practice bridges the fields of media art, experimental music, and research. During the show we will talk about the relationship between art & tech and how it has evolved over the past few years, about reenacting one of John Cage’s performances, about the space and place for (new) media art in the contemporary art world, etc. continue

Goldfish Salvation

Dans le cadre de son exposition Goldfish Salvation à l’INC Gallery de Londres, l’artiste japonais Riusuke Fukahori, déjà très connu pour ses peintures 3D sur résine, a réalisé une performance live où il a peint un poisson de taille géante. Une création à découvrir en images et en vidéo dans la suite.


Oil City, ‘a spy thriller for the post-Occupy era’


Oil City takes audiences into the underbelly of London’s oil economy, looking at UK finance for Canadian tar sands projects. By eavesdropping on business people and seeking out secret documents hidden in dead-drops, you will help piece together a puzzle that interweaves government files with financial deals continue

75 Watt, an object for dancing in the factory line


A new work by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen in which a product was designed especially to be made in China. The object’s only function is to choreograph a dance performed by the labourers manufacturing it. By shifting the purpose of the labourer’s actions from the efficient production of objects to the performance of choreographed acts, mechanical movement is reinterpreted into dance. What is the value of this artefact that only exists to support the performance of its own creation? As the product dictates the movement, does it become the subject, rendering the worker the object? continue

Cultural Hijack


Cultural Hijack explores the role of art and the artist in contemporary society and offers the opportunity to rethink the growing field of intervention in relation to cultural activism and social change continue

Art & the Oil giant, an interview with Liberate Tate


Today is the last day to witness the week-long performance from Liberate Tate at the Tate Modern gallery. Filming devices strapped on to their bodies, performers are reading aloud sections of the transcripts of the trial which started in February in New Orleans and sees BP stand accused of gross negligence over the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry continue

The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures


More than 2 years ago, i was interviewing Marguerite Humeau about her attempt to bring back to life the voice of extinct creatures by reconstructing their voice box. She started by giving her voice back to Lucy (aka Australopithecus Afarensis), one of the first hominids. Since then, the resuscitation endeavour has expanded to more extinct animals. A mammoth, the Walking Whale and the Terminator Pig have now joined the loud party. The prehistoric creatures where recently in Eindhoven for the STRP biennial where they performed live for the first time together with Dutch musician and DJ Jameszoo. Sadly, i missed the performance. But that gave me a good excuse to contact Marguerite and get more details about her work continue

Book review – The Art of Walking: A Field Guide


The Art of Walking: a field guide is the first extensive survey of walking in contemporary art. Combining short texts on the subject with a variety of artists work, The Art of Walking provides a new way of looking at this everyday subject continue

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 25: Kira O’Reilly


Kira is a performer whose work i’ve encountered a number of times in biotech art context. I’ve been particularly drawn to the works that address the ethics of human/animal interactions and more generally our complex relationships with animals. The most discussed of her work is probably inthewrongplaceness, an intimate performance that Kira developed on her return from a residency at SymbioticA in 2004. Realizing the similarities between the pig’s skin and her own, Kira danced skin to skin with a dead pig and invited members of the audience to touch both her own and the skin of the nonhuman animal,

A few years later, Kira presented the performance, Falling Asleep With a Pig in which she cohabited with a live pig called Deliah in a specially constructed sty continue

STRP Biennial, a walk through the city of cyborgs


The theme of this year’s exhibition is City of Cyborgs. Not the city of androids, clunky clones and man/machines contraptions but the city we are already walking through, smartphones in our pockets, implants in our bodies for some and ready to get our hands on Google glasses. City of Cyborgs in STRP speak means animatronics, opera for prehistoric creatures, a forest of interactive lasers, tapas made from edible solar cells, absurd mega machines and lots of dance. The high tech, the low tech, the digital, the organic and everything in between and beyond. continue