The Third and The Seventh

I can’t stress enough that you need to watch this.

A beautiful encounter between Architecture and poestry, and probably one of the most moving and amazing videos I’ve seen lately.

Most incredibly. It’s all made in CGI.

via: @hugoandmarie


Il s’agit d’un court-métrage expérimental sur la transformation des formes physiques. Imaginé par Selfburning, voici une recherche en vidéo qui montre les différents sens du mot “terrain”. A découvrir en images et en animation 3D dans la suite.




Portfolio Selfburning.

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DQ + Limité Magazine

Limité Magazine

As of today I am a contributing author to the fresh digital magazine/blog Limité Magazine.

In its own words, Limité is “… dedicated to capturing the echelon of modern world culture‹elevating the unique and inspiring in fashion, design, travel, the arts, and pure expression. Fueled by a desire to serve as the voice uniting cultures from around the globe, Limité celebrates diversity, creativity, and a passionate lifestyle for the modern man and woman.

Be sure to check it out!

DQ x PSDTUTS+ / Interview

The good people at PSDTUTS+ just interviewed me asking me a bit about my creative background and my overall process in creating a few of my pieces.

Fun stuff to do. Big thank you goes out to Emil from PSDTUTS+ for the interview and of course everyone who’ve shown their support.


Le contenu de cette installation lumineuse est basé sur des notions de chromothérapie. Une lumière bienfaisante est diffusée sur ce support LED de 6,65 m2. D’une durée d’environ 2 minutes, le tout est présenté sous forme d’un enchaînement de plages d’animations lumineuses.





Abnormal Behavior Child

abnormal behavior child

No idea who made this. But it’s insane.

Inspired Inspirers, Issue 5

Issue 5 is now open for business!.

We’re slowly expanding our reach with the great collaborations by:

Alberto Cerriteño
Karoly Kiralyfalvi
Miriam Moshinsky
Helio Vega.

As always a big thank you to everyone who participated in this issue and you for visiting.

FWA Theater

The FWA Theater

The almighty Favourite Website Awards just couldn’t get enough showcasing the best websites in the world. Now they had to show the greatest videos, reels, VFX and trailers out there.

All hail the FWA Theater.

TODO, interaction design

Just today I received a comment on my blog from the very people who were behind the amazing Artificial Dummies I posted a while ago. They’re the great minds of TODO, and the heads up was from their very own Andrea.

TODO is, in their own words, an interaction and media design agency. Stablished in Italy, this group has a whole lot going for them. Kickass interactive works, a kickass website, a kickass video collection and even better, an amazing level of creativity.

At the risk of being a bit repetitive, the video I left you above is an explanation of the almighty Artificial Dummies. Beautiful music and a subtle explanation on the little creatures.

Still I urge you to check out their websites. Their work is really a pleasure to watch and imagine.

Thanks a lot Andrea on the heads up! Much success!.

TODO at vimeo.

Street Fighter 4 (Trailer II)


The first trailer was with Ryu and Ken. Now was the turn for two women.
Awesome effects.
Via: ComputerLove.

Star Wars vs Saul Bass


I had to post this. Star Wars credits as if they were made by Saul Bass.
Via: Vecindad Gráfica.

Justice – DVNO


Incredible transitions and logos in this new kickass video by the geniuses of Justice. Animations by Machinemolle and designed by So Me.
Via: 30gms.



The PS3 has among its multiple qualities the hability to let you play mini-games as the console loads up. One of these games was the beautiful Flow. Now it’s the turn for Eden, a beautiful videogame that mixes awesome physics interactions and gorgeous colors.
It’s still not out; but I imagine that just like Flow this will also be downloadable por the PC. Stay sharp.

Videophonic confrontation


I love black and white motion graphics.
Via: Evasion.

The Kingdom


The first few minutes of the movie The Kingdom. Many say the movie sucks. I don’t really care, I just know these first minutes are great.

Tom Geraedts


Tom Geraedts is only 19 years old and has an amazing future in motion graphics.

V Water London



DAF madeover


Amazing chilean design studio DAF recently launched their spanking new website.
Check their motion reel also ‘cuase it’s red hot.
Much respect to these compatriots who really know how it’s done.