Advantage Y&R Namibia Get Touchyfeely for MTC

I’m not sure we’ve ever featured a Namibian ad here on Agency Spy, so here’s one. This spot by Advantage Y&R for MTC is just brimming with friendliness. The agency imagines the interaction fueled by the cell network as spreading hugs across the country. It’s a cute idea, and the production — by Fly On The Wall — rises to the occasion. The music they chose fits perfectly, too. The 90 second ad begins with a young man at a bus stop getting a text, then turning and hugging the old woman next to him. Soon everyone is hugging, from a guy in a chicken suit hugging a security officer to two boxers hugging in the ring. The spot ends with the young man from the opening scene sharing a hug with his girlfriend, who has just arrived on a bus, adding some nice closure to the scenario.

With the dwindling energy that comes with the shortening days, and the leftovers in the fridge starting to run out, this just might be the kind of happiness spreading video you need to get you through the middle of the week. It’s pretty hard not to smile watching this one, and on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving that is much appreciated. Credits after the jump. continued…

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