TBWA Promotes CrossClimate for Michelin

TBWA teamed up with Parisian directing team Andy’s to create an animated spot promoting Michelin’s CrossClimate tires.

The spot imagines tough road conditions as giant monsters tormenting drivers on the highway. A terrified family looks on as the Michelin Man fends off and defeats the forces of nature so they can get on their way. The animation really is the star of the spot, looking like something out of a Pixar movie, while also bringing to life the selling point of CrossClimate tires. It’s a memorable, even fun, approach for the brand — which seems like an odd thing to say about an ad for tires, but there you have it. Hopefully TBWA and Michelin go further in this direction in the future.


Director: Andy’s
Production: WIZZ Design
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Agency: TBWA
Creative Directors: Benoit Leroux, Philippe Taroux
Copywriter: Jean-Marie Gateau
TV Producer: Ghislaine Byramjee

Driving the World: Michelin’s First Global Ad Campaign

Michelin launched its first global advertising campaign last week to shine its headlights on Michelin’s USP high beams, illuminating the manymichellin benefits derived from its distinguishing characteristics. Its theme, “The right tire changes everything,” aims to drive this point home.

Michelin tires simultaneously deliver enhanced braking power, greater longevity, and superior fuel efficiency. The campaign illustrates by using the right tires, consumers can reduce fuel consumption, increase safety, and extend tread life.

The campaign features the iconic Michelin man, Bibendum, in an animated world, assisting troubled motorists and replacing their defective tires with Michelin tires, which he pulls from his body. I know what you’re thinking: Why can’t I get rid of the tires around my waist as easily as Bibendum? To answer that, you’ll have to take the advice of Esurance’s ad campaign, and “get animated.” Bibendum apparently has all the answers.

Created by TBWA, a New York-based agency that gained Michelin’s worldwide account last summer, Michelin’s campaign will appear across TV, print, and online outlets in the United States first, then in Europe and Asia in early 2010, and in Africa, the Middle East, India, and South America at a later date. The U.S. campaign features an enhanced digital strategy that introduces the official Michelin Man Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Visit michelinman.com/the-right-tire for more information.

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