Pitch, Weingart Center Urge Investing in the Homeless

In what feels like a more redemptive version of Shark Tank, we have this pro-bono campaign from Pitch, the West Coast shop you know perhaps for its longstanding relationship with Burger King, Pepsi, Asics and more.

In its newest campaign, the agency gets philanthropic and turns its focus to more socially-conscious issues, namely homelessness and a downtown Los Angeles organization called the Weingart Center.

This short may look like a board meeting/presentation, but it turns into a pitch that transforms potential investors from cold to hot when their salesman of sorts suggests job placement for the homeless instead of just donating a buck or two. It’s apparently not fiction.

In a statement, Pitch President Rachel Spiegelman writes:

“The men and women who work at the Weingart Center are miracle workers. They help people truly in need re-enter society with hope and a plan. When you donate you give your money away, when you invest you get a return. That’s the core idea behind our campaign and behind the Weingart program. We’re honored to be working with them on this incredible cause.”

The campaign also includes a redesign of the Weingart site and a Twitter march with the hashtag #investinLA.

CEO: Jon Banks
President: Rachel Spiegelman
Chief Creative Officer: Xanthe Wells
ACD/Art Director: Brian Farkas
ACD/Copywriter: Tylynne McCauley
Executive Producer: Julie Salik
Producer: Nancy Sanders
Production Coordinator: Nick Phillips
Strategist: Lexi Whelan, Kristin Kiefer
Art Directors: Bryan Evans (Logo), Max Pollak (Social), David Dubois (Storyboards)
Copywriter: Will Patterson (Social)
Associate Design Director: Gary Shum (Logo)
Production Company: Check Your Head Films
Director: Ricardo Mehedff
Executive Producer: Josh Goldstein
Line Producer: Aviv Russ
Director of Photography: Lowell Meyer
Editor: Nathaniel Connella
Motion Graphic Designer: Terry Politis
Post Producer: Esther Gonzalez
Mixer: Nick Phillips
President & CEO: Kevin Murray
Director of Development: Kristina Farkas
Marketing Director: Felicia Dupuch

Agency Again Strikes Viral Gold With Tiny Animals Enjoying Tiny Festivities

Workplace productivity has gone out the window once again thanks to “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog,” the latest time-wasting video from agency HelloDenizen that has first-worlders convulsively hitting replay.

The Los Angeles shop, on a self-promotional odyssey of precious proportions, unleashed “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” in April. It has nearly 8 million YouTube views (though you can watch it below if you’re late to the fiesta). Now the hamsters join their hedgehog pal for a bash that’s racked up 1 million views since launching a week ago.

HelloDenizen’s Joel Jensen describes the new video as an attempt to expand on earlier concepts and add some new layers. The results are mind-meltingly cute. You’ve got itsy-bitsy presents wrapped in fancy paper, itty-bitty balloons, eentsy-weentsy festive hats and widdle whiskers coated in creamy icing as furry faces happily munch away.

This birthday party takes the cake.

This Sweet Video of People Dancing Naked in Public Will Charm Your Pants Off

Who feels like getting naked and dancing through the strees of Los Angeles? Wait, don’t answer until you’ve watched this.

In a charming (and essentially safe for work) video promo for its upcoming reality series Dating Naked, VH1 and agency Mistress filmed a diverse mix of people whirling and waltzing around a small crowd of onlookers in L.A. to the tune of “I’m Just Wild About Harry.”

The result is a one-take clip free of the kind of sleazy sexualization we usually see in nudity-based ads. It feels instead like a warm-hearted celebration of dropping inhibitions (and trousers) in the name of self-expression.

It’s also timed to correspond with National Nude Day, which I’m told is today. (Sorry, France, here in America the Bastille is a distant second to bare buttocks.)

Hopefully that tone will carry through to the Dating Naked series, in which participants go through the typical courtship rituals with strangers—except, as you could guess, they’re nude.  

Mansfield House In Los Angeles

Les designers et architectes de chez Amit Apel ont imaginé la « 631 Mansfield House » à Los Angeles qui possède 5 chambres et une grande plante dans un vase suspendu au milieu des escaliers, ainsi que plusieurs salles de bain. Une très belle maison à découvrir en photos.


Foster The People Contest

A l’occasion du concert de Foster The People à la Gaîté Lyrique fin mars et après l’opération spectaculaire de street-art à Los Angeles (dont la vidéo en time-lapse est disponible dans la suite), le groupe vous propose de remixer la pochette de leur nouvel album « Supermodel ». Voici les détails ci-dessous pour participer.

Détails du concours Fubiz x Foster The People :

– Pour vous inscrire, remplissez ce formulaire ci-dessous avec vos principaux détails. Un tirage au sort déterminera les 18 présélectionnés qui pourront s’affronter au cours d’une battle en freestyle le jour du concert (28 mars 2014). Foster The People choisira les 9 finalistes à l’issu de ce tournoi de création libre.

– Les finalistes réinterprèteront une partie de la pochette de l’album dans leur style et les toiles seront réunies pour former un visuel géant qui sera exposé devant la salle de concert. Le groupe viendra à la rencontre des 9 finalistes et choisira après délibération celui qui verra son visuel imprimé sur l’album vynil en édition limitée.

Foster the people

Emerson College Architecture

L’université Emerson à Los Angeles a été construite par l’architecte américain Thom Mayne de Morphosis Architects. Avec sa forme originale et futuriste, elle offre un cadre de travail agréable à tous les étudiants. Des clichés réalisés par Iwan Baan sont disponibles dans la suite de l’article.


Ace Hotel Architecture

La chaîne Ace Hotel, installée entre autres à New York et à Seattle, a rénové à Los Angeles l’United Artists Building pour implanter un nouvel hôtel. Cette ancienne bâtisse, avec son théâtre gothique, a été conçue en 1927 par C. Howard Crane et la firme Walker & Eisen. Un mélange de vinyles, et imprimés amérindiens à découvrir dans la suite.

Ace Hotel 15
Ace Hotel 14
Ace Hotel 13
Ace Hotel 12
Ace Hotel 11
Ace Hotel 10
Ace Hotel 9
Ace Hotel 8
Ace Hotel 7
Ace Hotel 6
Ace Hotel 5
Ace Hotel 4
Ace Hotel 3
Ace Hotel 2
Ace Hotel 1

Why Captain Morgan and Starz Are Pointing Cannons at Each Other From Duelling L.A. Billboards

Duelling billboards? Yes, indeed, that's what Starz is going for—in a fun partnership with Captain Morgan—with this outdoor campaign in Los Angeles for its new Michael Bay-produced pirate show Black Sails, which managed to knock the top out of the network's original premiere ratings with 3.5 million viewers this weekend.

The show has had a major presence in the geekosphere for half a year now. "I think it's the longest-lead campaign I've ever worked on," said Alison Hoffman, svp of original programming, marketing communication for Starz. "We were going to go to Comic Con San Diego, of course, and we decided to screen the entire first episode, and we had such overflow that we did it again."

Hoffman adds: "You always want to extend your reach, and Captain Morgan was kind of a first choice for us. There's this survival, hustler, thieving quality for Black Sails, and there's more fun and adventure for the Captain Morgan brand, and that was when we realized that we probably shouldn't be holding hands; we should be at war." 

So at war they are, with duelling billboards across Sunset Boulevard, complete with cannons (and cannon holes). The campaign includes other out-of-home extravagances, notably some backlit, glowing bus ads. And while Hoffman said the network took a no-peglegs, no-eyepatches approach to the show proper, it has given in occasionally and celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day, among other matey-related milestones.

"It's gritty and real," says Hoffman, "but at the same time … it's pirates."


City Lights fecha a Trilogia da Luz

Colin Rich é um fotógrafo de Los Angeles que há pouco mais de dois anos resolveu explorar a beleza das luzes de Los Angeles no time-lapse LA Light. No ano seguinte, o projeto ganhou uma continuação com Nightfall, um dos time-lapses mais loucos que você já vimos da Cidade dos Anjos. Agora, a chamada Trilogy of Light, ou Trilogia da Luz, finalmente chega ao fim com City Lights.

E, claro, o resultado mais uma vez é incrível. Em determinado momento da descrição do vídeo, Colin Rich escreve:

“Eu nem sempre amei Los Angeles, mas eu aprendi a amar e descobri que esta cidade é muito mais que clima temperado, palmeiras, garotas bonitas e praias. Para mim, a verdadeira beleza por trás da cidade está escondida na outra ponta de uma escada de incêndio, para uma vista que ninguém mais viu”.

Não espere mais para descobrir o que o fotógrafo quis dizer com isso. Dê o play.


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City Lights

Focus sur le réalisateur Colin Rich qui présente avec ce film le troisième et dernier volet de sa trilogie de vidéos en technique time-lapse. Après LA Lights et Nightfall, « City Lights » nous offre un superbe regard sur la ville de Los Angeles. A découvrir en vidéo et en images dans la suite de l’article.

City Lights4
City Lights3
City Lights2
City Lights

Sleep Aid Defends Billboard Featuring U.S. Soldier With a Muslim Wife


Los Angeles Helicopter Ride

Durant l’été dernier, le photographe français Karl Hab a eu l’occasion de survoler au-dessus de Los Angeles avec un très petit hélicoptère. Voici sa série « Los Angeles Helicopter Ride » capturant des moments rares de cette ville et de ce que vous ne pouvez pas voir depuis le sol. Plus de détails dans la suite de l’article


Best Buy, CP+B Launch Final Back-to-School ‘Techfitter’ Spot

Continuing their back-to-school Techfitter campaign, Best Buy and CP+B are providing Tim Kong, an aspiring games designer, with the tech he needs to design and code his next action-packed adventures. Previously, Best Buy “techfitted” a marine biology major and an aerospace engineer with a set of Windows 8 gadgets.

This new spot is comparatively less exciting, maybe because stars and oceans are grander than grungy cars and code. Consequently, I wish we had more of a storyline. Is Tim Kong really just going to make a new Grand Theft Auto, or do his interests lie somewhere specific? And in that case, can we hear what he has to say? At this point, he’s a Stock Student who knows how to make a good surprised/awesome face.

But maybe it’s better that he’s a basic video games enthusiast. Many current college kids must relate, and it’s a good thing Best Buy has a spot specifically geared towards forward-thinking, technology-centered students, hence the girl scientist, a guy scientist, and a gamer. If only the campaign lasted longer and their next subject is a fashion girl, conveniently coinciding with Fashion Week. Ah, what could’ve been.

Credits after the jump


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Folkert Gorter Photography

Les photographies du designer numérique hollandais basé à Los Angeles, Folkert Gorter sont très étonnantes. Paysages aériens, géologiques ou marins, il s’en dégage une impression de sérénité et de pérennité. Une sélection de ses superbes clichés à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Bradley International Terminal

Digital Kitchen a travaillé en collaboration avec Los Angeles World Airports pour créer cette installation numérique époustouflante dans le nouveau « Bradley International Terminal » de LAX. Proposant de multiples projections, cette création de toute beauté est à découvrir en vidéo dans l’article.

LAX – Bradley International Terminal11
LAX – Bradley International Terminal10
LAX – Bradley International Terminal8
LAX – Bradley International Terminal7
LAX – Bradley International Terminal6
LAX – Bradley International Terminal4
LAX – Bradley International Terminal3
LAX – Bradley International Terminal9


Découverte de TimeLax, le nom de cette belle vidéo utilisant le « time-lapse » pour sublimer la ville de Los Angeles. Réalisée par RalphGM, cette création permet de donner une magnifique image de la ville californienne et de ses lieux les plus connus. A découvrir en images et vidéo HD dans la suite de l’article.


Rotring Pen

The Happiness Machine est le nom de ce projet incroyable réalisé par Mark Lascelles Thornton. Avec cette fresque très impressionnante réalisée au Rotring, représentant les plus hauts buildings du monde accolés dans un seul paysage, l’artiste anglais nous dévoile l’étendue de son talent et de sa patience.

Rotring Pen10
Rotring Pen9
Rotring Pen8
Rotring Pen7
Rotring Pen6
Rotring Pen5
Rotring Pen4
Rotring Pen2
Rotring Pen11
Rotring Pen3

Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey

Focus sur le talent de Kevin Saint Grey, un photographe basé à Los Angeles. Cet artiste nous propose de découvrir une série de clichés absolument magnifiques en noir et blanc appelée sobrement « Architecture ». L’ensemble de son travail est à découvrir sur son portfolio et dans la suite de l’article.

Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey11
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey10
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey9
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey7
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey6
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey5
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey4
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey2
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey
Architecture by Kevin Saint Grey12

Josh Cole Photography

Focus sur Josh Cole, un artiste qui a connu des problèmes de délinquance durant sa jeunesse avant de devenir photographe. Il a d’ailleurs gardé un très fort intérêt pour le milieu des gangs mais aussi celui de la musique en se baladant dans divers endroits du monde comme Manille, Los Angeles ou Johannesburg.

Josh Cole Photography20
Josh Cole Photography19
Josh Cole Photography18
Josh Cole Photography17
Josh Cole Photography16
Josh Cole Photography15
Josh Cole Photography14
Josh Cole Photography13
Josh Cole Photography12
Josh Cole Photography11
Josh Cole Photography8
Josh Cole Photography7
Josh Cole Photography6
Josh Cole Photography5
Josh Cole Photography4
Josh Cole Photography3
Josh Cole Photography2
Josh Cole Photography1
Josh Cole Photography21

Space Shuttle in Los Angeles

Une surprenante installation pour les habitants de Los Angeles avec cette gigantesque navette spatiale « Endeavour » avançant dans les rues du centre-ville avant d’être exposé dans un musée : au Centre Scientifique de Californie. Plus d’images de cet événement dans la suite de l’article.