McCann Colombia’s Truth Well Told: Save Yourself for Romance

Loneliness. Along with the spread of deadly disease, and the global economic impacts from the spread, loneliness is a real problem. The following public service announcement illustrates the hard truths of our situation today—if you’re dating, and you do not live together, you can look (and smile and sext and so on) but you can’t […]

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Roman's Pornhub ads silence other ads.

Isn’t this clever. Roman, the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation company, ran an ad on Pornhub that was as much an awareness play as a public service. Using their brand colors and typeface, the long-ish copy banner ad reads “We’re Roman,  and we’re not just treating Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, we’re buying up the ad space from those weird porn games so you can watch your video in peace.”

Clever idea. Except for one thing. When I loaded Pornhub’s page, one of those weird porn game ads was right underneath Roman’s ad. SInce we keep it clean around here, I blocked it out with Adland’s wholesome logo but you can trust me on it. Use your imagination.

Other things Roman doesn’t get rid of are those “meet local Milfs in your area,” ads. Or so I’ve been told. I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that Roman will deliver another product straight to your door that is even more relevant to Pornhub and that’s medication for genital herpes.



Bat for Lashes "The Hunger" | Directed by Natasha Khan / Lief (2019)

Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, unveils her new song “The Hunger” from her highly anticipated new album Lost Girls out on September 6 via AWAL Recordings.  The video for “The Hunger,” which Khan directed and stars in, is shot in an otherworldly nowhere place, and reveals Khan’s character Nikki Pink’s rise as the head priestess of the Lost Girls, spreading magic and light through a triumphant ceremonial performance. A meditation on love, grief, release, and redemption, the video was produced in collaboration with her production company Lief.

Following on from the lush slow burn of “Kids in the Dark” and the poppered up 80’s rush of “Feel For You”, comes third single ‘The Hunger’: a powerful, mystical anthem, spilling out across five precisely crafted minutes. “I started that song with this organ sound on a really old ’80s synth”, Natasha remembers. “Then (co-writer/ producer) Charles Scott IV brought in his bass, and every time we were adding more and more stuff it was getting closer to this particular feeling that I wanted. There’s nothing like this feeling of translating something that’s in your DNA, part of who you are energetically, coming out in music. Like it matches a thumbprint inside of you.”

Spanning 10 tracks, Lost Girls sees Khan dreaming up her own fully formed parallel universe, laying tantalizing clues on social media. If her last album, The Bride, was melancholy and mournful, a tone poem of loss and regret, Lost Girls is her mischievous younger sister, widescreen in scope and bursting with Technicolor intensity.  It’s an album for driving in the dark; holding hands at sunset; jumping off bridges with vampires; riding your bike across the moon.   Within the women of Lost Girls and her character Nikki Pink, Khan unfolds elements of herself; within these songs, we do the same.  Filled with gauzy, 80’s-esque power ballads, Iranian-inspired beats, and the sort of epic sonics reserved for film credits rolling up a screen, Lost Girls is a noir, supernatural night-riding adventure, and one of the finest albums in Khan’s rich, varied discography.  

Nikki Pink: Natasha Khan

Lost Girls: Avery Wheless, Evangeline Neuhart, Dominique N Godinez, Kenzie McClure, Angelica DeWitt

Director: Natasha Khan

Producer: Margo Mars

Production Company: Lief

Director of Photography: Sean Conaty

Costume Design: Devin Winter

Nikki Pink Dress: Romance Was Born

Hair & Make-Up Artist: Alex Perrone

Line Producer: Roberto Rodriguez

Casting: Avery Wheless

Editor: Jamie O’Donnell

Colourist: Yoomin Lee

Titles: Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Tough Women with Super Soft Skin

Do you have three minutes to spare for another inspiring story from a brand? Only you can answer that. What I can say is this: Curious human beings have an infinite capacity for compelling stories. In fact, when the story is truly great and promoted properly, people gladly wait in line and fork over hard-earned […]

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Minute Maid Questions What Good Is, Decides, “this is GOOD”

Parents today see picture-perfect families everywhere, especially in social media. Minute Maid’s new brand campaign is encouraging parents to embrace their perfectly imperfect family moments and show how even though it’s not always Instagram-ready, “this is GOOD.” Minute Maid partnered with Edison Research to commission the “This is Good Parenting Survey” to better understand how […]

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Martin Agency Makes Custom Crafted Set To Showcase Mass Produced Butter

Butter is everything at Land O’Lakes. Award-winning advertising is everything at Martin Agency. Combine the two and commercials like this happen: Martin’s creative team tapped artist/designer/director Kyle Bean and the team at Hornet to get meticulous for the dairy. Bean and his team hand-crafted, seamless stop-motion animations. Every single set element was custom made, down […]

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This Is Brand Storytelling

Leo Burnett is doing something smart on Instagram. The agency is using the platform to showcase its people in their natural settings. The images, like most photos on Instagram, are not from a formal photo shoot. They’re casual snapshots, supported in some cases by Q+A in the comments. For example, creative director Scott Smith, in […]

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Greasy Pizza Is All Good On Instagram

Pizza is a wonderful culinary creation and one of America’s most beloved foods. Pizza practically sells itself—even when it’s greasy and kind of gross. Take Domino’s and the brand’s hyper-authentic approach on Instagram. When your pepperoni pizza is on point. ? A post shared by Domino’s Pizza (@dominos) on Sep 8, 2017 at 6:12am PDT […]

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Social Media Marketing Is Fast and Unbound; Control Freaks Watch Out

If @Apple’s brand team applied itself in social media channels, its flock of fanboys and fangirls would be all over it. Whether Apple needs social media to create or sustain interest is questionable, which may explain why the company that works in a new spaceship-like building barely deigns to dabble in the medium. Tim Nudd […]

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Arby’s: We Have The Meats

Fallon is a legendary advertising agency, and one of the pillars of the Minneapolis market. Fallon picked up Arby’s a few years ago and has helped the brand find its unique baritone voice. There is a keen sense of humor in play here; yet, this is no-nonsense product advertising. In other words, there’s something for […]

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Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success

We all know a girl like Louise Delage. You’ve been on Instagram for years and are scraping by with 50 likes on a good day—then she appears on the scene, with her fun little life, and cultivates over 16,000 followers in a few months.

In the years following LonelyGirl15, we learned to be wary of that kind of success. Who is this girl, and what does she do? But “personal branding,” Instagram stardom and the overall pressure to demonstrate the most photogenic parts of our lives has perhaps blunted our critical knives. Aren’t we all stars for somebody? 

So when Louise Delage arrived on Instagram on Aug. 1, bearing drinks and a cheerful, sun-soaked smile, few wondered who she was. Many assumed she was one more chic Parisian. Maybe she had one of those depressed Instagram husbands whose sole role in life is to capture their muses for an insatiable audience.

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At Wimbledon, Tennis Fans Don’t Generate Media, They Are Media

Häagen-Dazs UK and Grey London are showcasing the pleasures of championship tennis, accompanied by an ice cream bar. According to Adfreak, the agency hired fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding, known for his streetside style portraits, to capture courtside fans for the ice cream brand’s Instagram. The idea celebrates the ice cream marketer’s new five-year sponsorship […]

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Droga5's First Work for HBO Is This Byzantine Instagram Contest for Hard-Core Fans

Exactly how obsessed are you with Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? HBO tests the depths of your nerd knowledge in a new campaign from Droga5—the agency’s first work for the paid cable network—that sends you down a rabbit hole on Instagram, where you answer trivia to solve clues leading to fun prizes.

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Designer/Archeologist Restores Old Outdoor Ads (To Something Beyond Their Former Glory)

According to Portland Monthly, 3D designer Craig Winslow has turned a yearlong creative residency with Adobe into a fascinating new art project. Using a technique called projection mapping, Winslow takes clues from ghost ads on city walls and recreates the original ads on his computer to scale. Then he projects them back onto the wall. […]

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Love It or Hate It, Artists Are Already Remixing the New Instagram Logo in Amazing Ways

Much of the backlash against the new Instagram logo can be chalked up to the simple fact that it isn’t the old logo.

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Are Any of These Instagram Logos Better Than the Actual Redesign?

OK, so we didn’t like the new Instagram logo that much. But could you do any better?

That’s the challenge that gave its community, and submissions have been flooding in from users. Obviously these are pretty quick sketches, for the most part—but do any of them strike your fancy?

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This Art Director Put His Entire Portfolio and Biography on Instagam as Two Giant Grids

“I had to get my portfolio together and I thought, what better way to spin it than to put the entire thing on Instagram?”

Art director Castro Desroches had been working in digital marketing positions at various agencies for several years, and like most creatives, he needed a concise way to sum up his career to date. After 300 images, seven videos, five separate accounts, five total do-overs and three instances of being banned from Instagram, he finally managed it with a project called “Frame by Frame.”

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Y&R N.Y. Takes an Instagram Trip with Range Rover

Old Spice Creates a Loony Sci-Fi 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Game on Instagram

Wieden + Kennedy has hacked the tagging function on Instagram to create an amusingly absurd “Choose your own adventure” social game for Old Spice, filled with robots, retro monsters and meta jokes.

The story opens with the post above. Clicking on it reveals tags that function as the navigation, leading to a maze of newly created Instagram accounts where the story continues. Clicking on the Old Spice body wash in the first scene reveals the first of many comical dead ends, from which you have to backtrack and continue.

The game is pretty much one big joke, undermining itself at every turn and parodying the genre rather than presenting a real “adventure.” The ending, in particular, is intentionally anticlimactic, centered on an inside joke about the ad budget for the project—very much in keeping with the brand’s self-aware ethos.

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Breakfast, Forever 21 Make Instagram Mosaics