The Media Equation: A Key Player in a Scandal, V. Stiviano Feeds the Media’s Appetite

If you wanted to see clearly into how all the various components of the modern media ecosystem interact, you could not come up with a better real-time experiment than the Donald Sterling story.

Disruptions: Friends, and Influence, for Sale Online

By using social media bots, celebrities, politicians and others can falsely inflate the number of friends and followers they have, possibly swaying public opinion about a new song — or a policy position.

ArtsBeat: SXSW 2014: No Lady Gaga Show for Me

Getting a ticket to see the show would have required the kind of social-media shillling that I don’t think anyone’s friends or followers should be subjected to.


Encounters : Mickey Boardman: Keeping Up With His Followers

Paper Magazine’s editorial director has never been shy about being seen. Now he’s increasingly using Twitter and Instagram to be heard.


Advertising: Spot Shares Moments of Better Cruise Memories

Carnival Cruise Lines has created a new campaign it hopes will put behind it the incident that stranded passengers last February.


Bits Blog: Tumblr Founder Says Site to Stay ‘Independent’

A day after Yahoo’s board approved a deal to acquire Tumblr, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief, and David Karp, Tumblr’s founder, reassured users that Tumblr would operate as it did before.