Jammers Swarm NATO HQ

Indignados abroad prepare for #OCCUPYCHICAGO.

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Yesterday, several hundred indignados, culture jammers and occupiers from across Europe swarmed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters in Brussels in a bold attempt to shut it down.

Organizers explained that the action was a prelude to #OCCUPYCHICAGO and an early preview of the anarchic swarms that will disrupt May’s NATO summit. “Where peace is at stake, nonviolent intervention is necessary,” a press release said.

According to the AFP, occupiers ran across fields and climbed fences leading to the NATO compound chanting “NATO Game Over” and “We want peace now.” They were blocked by a “large police presence” and 483 nonviolent occupiers were arrested.

See here pictures and video of the action.


Spain’s indignados inspire Occupy.

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Spain was hit with a massive General Strike today that shut down shopping centers, roads and transportation hubs. Barricades of burning tires were erected in Barcelona, hundreds of airline flights were canceled across the nation, and an estimated 91% of all employees at large businesses stayed home or took the streets, according to El Pais.

Spain’s General Strike could not have come at a more significant moment from the perspective of the global people’s movement. As ROAR magazine points out, Spain’s General Strike was initially called for by the anarcho-syndicalist CNT union but it was ultimately a success because the call was taken up and powered by the youthful militancy of the indignados whose encampments across Spain in May, 2011 inspired #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. It was the tactical breakthrough of seizing a public square and holding horizontal, consensus-based assemblies that launched Occupy. And now, as the Occupy movement prepares for its own much anticipated General Strike on May 1, the indignados are again showing us the way.

Spain’s spectacular, large-scale and successful General Strike will have a profound influence on our own tactical thinking as our Spring offensive gathers momentum.

As ROAR magazine explains, this is a fight to the finish between the old world and the new: “with financial markets pushing the people to the brink of despair, popular support for radical action is rapidly being ramped up. Now that the indignados are preparing for a spring of discontent, culminating into a global day of action on May 12, a powerful sign is being given to those in power: as their system crumbles, our movement grows ever stronger.

Have a look at the pictures from today’s strike at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2012/mar/29/spanish-general-stri… and http://www.demotix.com/news/1129700/general-strike-begins-barcelona then discuss below what we can learn from all this.

Globalizing Dissent

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The Occupy movement has taken much of its inspiration from Spain’s “Outraged” movement. What lessons does Spain have for Occupy now?

Via The Real News. Transcript of the interview available here.

Revolutionary Reflections

One hour of homework for all of us.

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Hey all you activists out there!

So another year has gone by. You’re back at work. The tasks are piling up. The goodwill and cheer of the holiday season are a distant memory, but the resolve in your spirit from the excitement of recent revolutionary months is higher than ever. 2011 was a year of global uprisings … We found hope in Tunisia, inspiration in Egypt and a voice in Occupy. We’ve had a taste of revolution and we want more. Check out Democracy Now’s one hour piece on the first ‘year of revolutions’ in the 21st century and be poised for the corporate state rapture to come.

URL: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/1/2/year_of_global_uprisings_from_the