Power Players: From Euro 2020 to the Olympics, Sponsors Compete With Athletes’ Own Brands

Coca-Cola spent hundreds of millions of dollars sponsoring Euro 2020. It spent years preparing for one of the world’s most watched soccer tournaments after the Summer Olympics and FIFA World Cup. Coke’s iconic logo sat among European soccer’s brightest stars; it even had bottles of its flagship cola on the postgame podium. Then, the unexpected…

Heineken Just Made an HR Campaign That's as Cool as Any Consumer Ads It's Done

Oh, the places you’ll go!

In 2013, Heineken scored a bronze Lion at Cannes with “The Candidate,” an internship contest that generated a whopping 1,734 global entries. 

Now, the brand is back to recruiting with “Go Places,” led by a musical Dr. Seuss-ish video inviting talent to respond to 12 questions, which must be answered in three to five seconds. Based on the Enneagram model, the results give you a personal profile, which must be sent along with your résumé when applying for your Heineken dream gig on LinkedIn. 

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Check Out Heineken's Eye-Popping Art Project at the Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium

Heineken and Publicis New York show their can-do spirit in a video that celebrates Miami Marine Stadium.

The landmark structure on Biscayne Bay hosted world-class powerboat races, concerts and other events for 30 years until sustaining damage from Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Since then, it’s been abandoned—and become a draw for graffiti artists, who covered its concrete surfaces with intricate artwork and colorful designs.

Now, efforts are underway to restore the arena. Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado has pledged as much as $4 million to the cause, and an Indiegogo push set up by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as Heineken, has raised more than $100,000 so far. (The brewer’s involvement ties into its multifaceted “Cities” campaign.)

The stadium’s copious spray-painted frills, however, will endure, even after its walls and columns are scrubbed clean and the dilapidated seats have been replaced.

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Heineken, KLM Finally Figured Out How to Serve Freshly Tapped Draught Beer on an Airplane

If you think C-suiters are pompous and obnoxious when they’re stone-cold sober with their feet on the ground, imagine how they’d carry on after loosening up with a few Heinekens on draught while cruising at 35,000 feet.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Just check out this clip from DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, which heralds the arrival of a fancy trolley that dispenses Heineken draught beers aboard select KLM World Business Class flights:

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Guys Bribe Their Girlfriends to Watch Soccer Alone in Heineken Ad With an Awesome Twist

What if you had the perfect excuse to watch the UEFA Champions League Final at an epic Heineken party … without your girlfriend?

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Why Heineken Put This Ridiculously Long Hashtag on Hundreds of Billboards in Milan

Here’s a fun if punishing way to get people to think about the ingredients in your beer.

Heineken, the official beer of the UEFA Champions League, with help from Publicis Italy, put up hundreds of outdoor ads around Milan recently featuring a gargantuan 100-character hashtag (that’s the most allowed by Twitter). People were encouraged to share the hashtag in social for a chance to win tickets for the UCL Final.

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Publicis Worldwide Promotes Bruno Bertelli to Global CCO

Publicis Worldwide promoted Bruno Bertelli to fill the newly created position of global chief creative officer, Campaign reports.

Bertelli most recently served as Publicis Worldwide Western Europe executive creative director and CEO of its Italian branch, where he has spent more than a dozen years. He has also overseen global creative on the agency’s Heineken account for nearly a year, following his role in helping the agency secure the brand without a review last June after it parted ways with W+K. In the new role, he will lead Publicis Worldwide’s global creative board (which is responsible for upholding the agency’s creative standards throughout the Publicis network) while continuing his role as Publicis Italy CEO and working alongside ECD Cristiana Boccassini.

Bertelli arrived there as an executive creative director in December of 2010 and was promoted to CEO of the agency four years later; he became ECD of Western Europe late last year. Earlier agency roles include three years with JWT as a creative director.

“Bruno is an exceptional creative leader who has the ability to inspire and the capacity to tackle major client challenges successfully,” Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun said in a statement. “His commitment to lead the change and his outstanding global client work is testament to this and the business we are building.”

“Bruno is a prolific talent and over the years has built an agency whose value is recognized globally,” added Publicis Communications creative chairman Mark Tutssel. “He has excellent experience and a reputation for maintaining and acquiring great talent. This, alongside ensuring there is a strong connection between the multiple regions and the wider Publicis Communications network, will be pivotal.”

Heineken, James Murphy Want to Reinvent NYC Subway Turnstile Tones


Since essentially “retiring” his LCD Soundsystem project in 2011, DJ/producer James Murphy, who’s also the co-founder of DFA Records, has indulged in a variety of somewhat offbeat efforts related in some way to music. Now that he’s collaborated with IBM to create music out of tennis match data during last year’s U.S. Open and opened the DJ-driven wine bar Four Horsemen in Brooklyn earlier this month, Murphy is going underground.

The artist has teamed up with Heineken and Wieden+Kennedy New York to launch the #SubwaySymphony, which marks the next chapter in the beer giant’s ongoing “Cities” campaign. Murphy’s ultimate goal with this effort is to make NYC commuters happier by replacing the harsh beeps that normally emanate from turnstiles within New York City’s subway system with synth tones customized for specific stations.

Here’s the video:

Regarding this ambitious project, Murphy himself says,

“New York City is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind place, and the people who are willing to do what it takes to live here – deal with the crowds and the commotion and the noise – deserve a little sonic gift like this. I want to turn the cacophony of the subway into unique pieces of music. It might seem like a small thing, but that’s exactly the point. This is such an easy way to make this great place I call home even greater.”

While Murphy is trying to rally support for the campaign via social and the Subway Symphony hub, it appears New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is ready to put the kibosh on the project before it even gets off the ground. Still, we appreciate Murphy’s hopeless idealism and give him an A for effort, even if the MTA never budges from its hardline stance. You can check out the campaign site for more info and upcoming episodes to follow the prologue clip you see above.

The campaign does, unfortunately, arrive at a somewhat awkward time as the client officially ended its relationship with W+K yesterday.

W+K New York

Executive Creative Directors: David Kolbusz, Jaime Robinson
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PRODUCTION- Documentary

Production Company: Pulse
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Heineken's New Legend Leads a Romp Through the Parisian Underground

Men who drink Heineken are still going on wild romps through the world’s most colorful cities, but now one is leading a gaggle of clueless tourists as well.

In this new ad from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, a dapper young man hijacks a tour guide’s authority and takes his charges to see the better, deeper secrets of Paris. Those include, naturally, a masquerade hidden in crypts beneath the city, with guests wearing plague doctor masks.

It’s a familiar formula for the brewer: A gregarious charmer, who could easily be the Most Interesting Man in the World in his prime, dances his way through a retro-hip wonderland, slugging Heinekens along the way. The twist here is perhaps that the hero is a little more gracious—less concerned with his his own appetite for chasing thrills and beautiful women (or, in that one instance, for finding his pet goat) and instead more eager to show the guests of his city a good time, as a sort of random act of benevolence.

The best moment, though, is probably the silliest—when the tour group is waylaid by a gang of mimes. Probably because after a parade of slick feel-good partying, nothing is more refreshing than a bunch of creepy overblown clowns making fools of themselves.

Client: Heineken
Global Brand Director: Gianluca di Tondo
Global Communications Director: Anuraag Trikha
Global Communications Manager: Diana Agudelo Hernandez

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
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Flame: Tom McCullough
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Telecine: Stefan Sonnenfeld (Co.3)
Producer: Matthew Engel (Method NY) / Rhubie Jovanov (Co.3)

Heineken, Irish Agency Unleash Epic Prank on European Rugby Fans

As Yanks, we don’t quite appreciate the ins and outs of rugby — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good pranking of its fans a la this ambitious effort from Heineken and Irish indie creative agency Rothco.

Promoting the beer giant’s sponsorship of the European Rugby Champions Cup, the three-pronged prank utilized actors, Twitter, a fake image and fake press conference to turn the tables on some punks who had some unkind things to tweet at rugby star Neil Back.

Back allegedly cost team Munster its first tournament victory in 2002 in what was then the Heineken Cup thanks to “illegal use of hands.” So, as part of the ERCC marketing campaigns, Heineken and Rothco decided to resurrect the image that also included what appears to be Back’s phone number. Out came the wolves, followed by calls from Back’s “personal assistant” to several respondents saying there was a mix-up with a sportswriter’s number and offering them complimentary tickets to a Champions Cup game to be picked up at a local hotel.

While we won’t spoil what happens next in this cringeworthy but ultimately good-natured stunt, Rothco art director Paddy Thunder (his real name, apparently) explains its scope in a statement, saying:

“The amount of planning involved in this project surprised all of us. While the idea seemed relatively simple on paper initially, the amount of scenarios that we ended up having to plan for blew us away. For the initial Twitter ‘leak’ phase alone, over twenty possible scenarios were written up and planned for. What if two of the people we called back knew each other and tweeted that something fishy was going on? What if the level of abuse for Neil crossed the line? The list was endless, and that was before we even got to the hotel. Like with any idea though, entering the unknown is just a sign that you’re doing something new, which is what made the project so exciting to work on.”

Agency Rothco
Agency Producer: Jessica Derby
Art Director: Paddy Thunder
Copywriter: Connor O’Hare
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Grade: Windmill Lane
Motion Graphics: John Cutler

Apple's Marc Newson Designs a Home Draught Beer Machine for Heineken

Industrial designer Marc Newson, who recently joined Apple, has wrapped up an old project with Heineken called the SUB, which the brewer is calling a “draught beer lifestyle appliance.” Hoo boy. Right from the jump, it sounds like the beer equivalent of a French press, so if any of your friends buy one, expect them to get really snotty about it almost immediately.

PSFK has an interview with Newson in which he waxes non-specific about the design and function of the SUB, which doesn’t seem that different from a kegerator and relies on what Newson calls Heineken’s “courage and foresight to embrace design as a way of differentiating themselves in the marketplace.” This is a goofy, high-end tech-nerd way of saying, “Heineken paid me many dollars to make a branded kegerator for them.”

He did a nice job, though. The SUB is a handsome centerpiece, especially when paired with modern furnishings, and deluxe versions of it come with a full serving case, glassware, mats and a skimmer.

New Yorkers Try to Quiet Union Square from a U.S. Open Umpire's Chair in Heineken Stunt

Chair umpires in tennis have a thankless job. Sure, they have real work to do, but they spend much of their time babysitting the crowd—and sometimes even babysitting the players.

As part of its sponsorship of the U.S. Open, which began Monday, Heineken recently gave New Yorkers—like it or not—a chance to feel like a real tennis umpire. It set up a U.S. Open umpire’s chair in the midst of the always-hectic Union Square, and dared people to climb up and try to silence the crowd using the microphone.

As you can see below, it wasn’t easy. And it has a bit of a twist at the end.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York.

Doogie Howser (Almost) Drinks Heineken Light for W+K

From a kid in scrubs to a man with an angry inch, Neil Patrick Harris is quite possibly our leading example of a Renaissance Dude. The star may now add “drinking beer” to his illustrious resume along with acting, singing, cooking and talking to Smurfs.

Well, sort of…

According to The New York Times and Stuart Elliott, NPH (as the cool kids call him) will help promote Heineken Light in a humorous campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy that includes television and online spots and a microsite: besttastinglight.com.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Heineken – The City by Wieden & Kennedy

Voici la dernière campagne de Heineken où le protagoniste explore divers établissements cachés au coeur de la ville dans le but de traquer une femme de mystère. Créée par Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, cette publicité retrace un parcours étonnant, créatif et dynamique accompagnée d’une bouteille Heineken dans chaque lieu.

Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 6
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 7
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 2
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 1
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 5
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 4
Heineken The City by Wieden & Kennedy 3

Heineken Distracts Women With Shoe Sale So Men Can Watch Soccer in Peace

Evidently not worried about cries of sexism, Heineken has organized a giant shoe sale in Brazil this Saturday—so that women will flock to it and leave their boyfriends and husbands in peace to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

Women's shoes will be available for up to 50 percent off at Shoestock stores. Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo came up with the idea, which Heineken in a press release said "is entirely good-natured and will generate conversation." Both are surely true.

"Our goal is to run a fun campaign unlike anything we have ever organized in Brazil," said Bernardo Spielmann, director of the Heineken brand and sponsorships at Heineken Brazil. "Therefore, the Heineken Shoe Sale will be announced with a humorous tone in the digital environment, including teasers, email marketing and videos."

"The idea is to help guarantee men time to watch the game on Saturday afternoon," said W+K creative director Otavio Schiavon. "So we're going to provide an argument that will make it so their wives or girlfriends have something interesting to do during the game. He's going to surprise her with news about a shoe sale. And she, in turn, can leave him to watch the UEFA Champions League final."

Credits below.

Client: Heineken
Project: Heineken Shoe Sale
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, São Paulo
Executive Creative Directors: Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega
Creative Directors: Otavio Schiavon, Marco Martins
Copywriters: David Besller, Caio Mattoso, Otavio Schiavon
Art Directors: Raul Arantes, Rodrigo Mendes, Marco Martins
Digital Producer: Rafael Gaino e Maurício Junior
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Production Company: Conspiração Filmes
Director: Fernando Reginato (DEL)
Director of Photography: Paulo Disca
Producers: Karin Greco, Pablo Alvez
Account, Production Company: Leonardo Alves, Renata Schincariol
Audio Facility: A Voz do Brasil
Account, Audio Production House: Rosana Souza, Cássia Garcia
Announcer: Edinho Moreno
Post House: Nash

Uma noite inesquecível, com os cumprimentos da Heineken

Um porta-cartões esquecido em um táxi por uma bela mulher é o ponto de partida de uma aventura inesquecível, proporcionada pela Heineken e Wieden+Kennedy de Amsterdam no novíssimo filme The City.

Para encontrar a dona do objeto, o protagonista do filme resolve seguir os passos da mulher visitando os locais indicados por seus cartões, o que inclui algumas paradas bem inesperadas, como um estranho barbeiro, um divertido alfaiate, uma corrida de cavalos e algumas baladinhas…

Com a afinada produção da Traktor, o filme tem ritmo de videoclipe, e prende a atenção da gente. Tudo ao som de Bossa Nova Baby, de Elvis Presley.


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See Heineken’s 15-Second Film Based on a Fan’s Tweet About an Evil Abe Lincoln

Fifteen seconds is short for an ad, never mind a film. But Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy New York premiered just such a movie at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday night—based on a fan's tweet about an evil Abraham Lincoln clone.

"They clone Abe Lincoln's DNA and name the clone president for life…except there's one problem: the clone is evil," Dennis Lazar, aka @awsommovieideas, wrote as his winning submission to the brewer's #15secondpremiere contest, which asked for fans' their wildest movie ideas. Those 115 characters (he had to leave room for the hashtag) were then crafted by a Hollywood film crew into 15 seconds of film—called Linclone.

You can check out the mini-movie below. The credits take way longer than the film itself—luckily there are some outtakes to keep things interesting.

Lazar was flown to New York and given the green carpet treatment by the Tribeca sponsor at the festival. Guests included Robert De Niro himself, who really should have played Lincoln if we're being honest.

Credits and more below.

The movie poster:

Lazar and DeNiro:

A deleted scene from the movie:

An interview with the director:


Client: Heineken
Project: #15SecondPremiere

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Eric Steele, Erik Norin
Copywriter: Mike Vitiello
Art Director: Cory Everett
Social Strategist: Jessica Abercrombie
Brand Strategist: Kelly Lynn Wright
Senior Interactive Strategist: Tom Gibby
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Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Producer: Owen Katz
Print Producer: Kristen Althoff
Broadcast Traffic Supervisor: Sonia Bisono
Studio Designer: Chris Kelsch
Account Team: Patrick Cahill, Samantha Wagner, Kristen Herrington
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Production Company: Jefferson Projects
Executive Producer: Chris Totushek
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Production Company: Whitehouse Post
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Postproduction Company: Carbon VFX
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AE Artist: Maxime Benjamin
Executive Producer: Frank Devlin
Colorist: Yohance Brown
Surround Mix: Sound Lounge
Engineer: Justin Kooy
Executive Producer: Harrison Nalevansky

Cast and Crew
Abraham Linclone: Robert Broski
Dr. Satterberg: Eric Satterberg
Chief Justice: Paul Gregory
1st Assistant Director: Scott Metcalfe
2nd Assistant Director: Steve Bagnara
Production Supervisor: Megan Sullivan
DIT: Scott Resnick
Gaffer: Cody Jacobs
Key Grip: Kyle Honnig
Best Boy Electric: Brandon Wilson
Best Boy Grip: Ceaser Martinez
Set Decorator: Mark Wolcott
Prop Master: Eric Berg
Sound: Bo Sundberg
Boom Operator: Danny Carpenter
VTR: Carlos Patzi
Wardrobe Assistant: Beckee Craighead
Make-up Stylist: Kat Bardot
Make-up Assistant: Becca Weber
Production Assistants: Atif Ekulona, Eric Browning, Ewa Pazera, Julio Cordero, Desire Brumfield
Craft Services: Christina Gonzalez

Heineken Next Gallery

Afin de célebrer les 140 ans de la marque, Heineken a imaginé la Next Gallery, une péniche transformée en sous-marin présentée sur la Seine, voulant ainsi plonger les visiteurs dans un univers rétro-futuriste, rappelant les origines de la marque. Une création inattendue et visuelle présentée le 10 octobre dernier.

« L’abus d’Alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération. Bateau-sous-marin de la Cie Transport Culturel Fluvial-Cargoplume »

« L’abus d’Alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération. Bateau-sous-marin de la Cie Transport Culturel Fluvial-Cargoplume »

« L’abus d’Alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération. Bateau-sous-marin de la Cie Transport Culturel Fluvial-Cargoplume »

« L’abus d’Alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération. Bateau-sous-marin de la Cie Transport Culturel Fluvial-Cargoplume »


Heineken Plays Second Game of Departure Roulette With People Who Tweeted About the First One

Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy in New York revisit the concept of unscheduled trips in this sequel to their popular Departure Roulette stunt. That effort, from the summer, dared JFK travelers to ditch their plans and immediately fly to more exotic locales chosen at random by pushing a button. For the follow-up, the brand made surprise visits to people who had tweeted during the earlier campaign that they would want to try Departure Roulette—and let them do so.

In the sequel video, camera crews confront unsuspecting tweeters at their front doors, at work and on the sidewalk, with the big green Departure Roulette board in tow. The board becomes something of an actor in the drama, popping up behind tweeters during interviews and suddenly appearing around street corners. It's creepy and goofy at the same time, keeping the subjects off balance but generally adding to the fun. And there's an amusing bit halfway through the three-minute clip in which a brand ambassador knocks on a person's apartment door and calls out, "You're totally gonna miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" A neighbor steps into the hall to see what the commotion is about, takes in the scene with the lights and cameras, and quickly retreats back inside.

One guy who wins a trip to Bucharest seems less than stoked. "Romania … OK. I'll go to Romania. I guess." Maybe he was hoping for Budapest. Other destinations include Marrakesh, Morocco; Reykjavík, Iceland; Seoul, South Korea; and Panama City. As with the original Departure Roulette, the sequel is designed to capture Heineken's bold, adventurous spirit. Personally, I prefer Tui Brewery's approach to stunt marketing. They pump beer through your pipes so you can take off without ever leaving home.

Credits below.

Client: Heineken
Project: Departure Roulette

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal, Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Erik Norin, Eric Steele
Copywriter: Will Binder
Art Director: Jared White
Executive Producer: Nick Setounski
Assistant Producer: Kristen Johnson
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Director of Interactive Production: Brandon Kaplan
Head of Integrated Production: Lora Schulson
Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Lisa Quintela, Quentin Perry
Global Travel Director: Colleen Baker
Lead, Senior Travel Consultant: Angela Wootan
Senior Travel Consultant: Joelle Wainwright

Production Company: Legs Media
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Executive Producer: Tom Berendsen
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Postproduction Company: Joint Editorial
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Motion Graphics Director: Yui Uchida
Information Display System Fabricator: Solari Corp.
Design and Build Team: The Guild
Audio Company: The Lodge
Audio Mixer: John Northcraft
Color: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Danny Boccia
Producer: Melissa Dupre


Heineken cai na estrada com a Departure Roulette

O que você faria se, ao chegar ao aeroporto com uma viagem planejada, tivesse a oportunidade de ganhar uma outra viagem, com tudo pago, para viver uma aventura surpresa? Quem teve a chance de participar da Departure Roulette, da Heineken, não teve muitas dúvidas e foi parar em alguns dos lugares mais legais do mundo. “Afinal, por que isso nuca acontece comigo?”, foi a pergunta de muitas pessoas. Foi a partir destes questionamentos nas redes sociais que a W+K de Nova York planejou a segunda fase da campanha, surpreendendo alguns deles com uma chance na Roleta do Embarque.

E se no aeroporto a decisão era fácil – afinal, você estava com as malas prontas e o espírito preparado para viajar, mesmo – no caso da Departure Roulette Roadshow ter um momento de espontaneidade  ao ser abordado no meio da rua deve ter sido um pouco mais complicado – ainda que muitos garantissem que suas malas estão sempre prontas.

Foram escolhidos moradores de San Francisco, Los Angeles e Nova York, que foram abordados pela equipe da Heineken e desafiados a largar tudo o que estavam fazendo para apertar o botão vermelho e embarcar imediatamente para uma aventura. E se algum deles pestanejou? Nem por um minuto.

Agora, aquela velha pergunta que todo mundo deve estar fazendo para si mesmo: por que isso não acontece comigo?


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