Cheil, Anton Jøsef Forge Goofiness for New Samsung Spot

Cheil Communications and Harpoon Pictures’ director Anton Jøsef introduce the new Samsung Galaxy Duos with the new spot, “Forged.”

The 38-second spot, “alludes to the elemental power, the dexterous usability and the high-end performance that is wrought in the heart of the Galaxy S Duos.” If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it kind of is. “Forged” opens on a blacksmith hammering away intently. The creation that “emerges from a fiery crucible, backed by an explosion of intense flames” is the new Samsung Galaxy Duos. That’s right, a blacksmith crafted phone. We then cut to a guy in an office goofily holding up the phone while a coworker gives him a “What the hell are you doing?” look and cough.

So, “Forged” makes fun of the ridiculousness of its concept, making the majority of the spot a buildup to a joke that really isn’t much of a payoff, eventually ending with the tagline “Forged with features” without telling us what those features are. Needless to say, this direction is a bit perplexing. The Galaxy S Duos, by the way, “allows users to keep their work and personal calls separate while also providing better coverage and a stronger signal” — which sounds an awful lot like a feature you would want to highlight in an advertising campaign. Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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