George Takei, H&R Block Remind Us All to File Our Taxes

The April 15 tax deadline looms once again, so as a friendly reminder, Minneapolis-based Fallon launched a new campaign for H&R Block that aims to light a tiny fire under the stragglers out there.

How better to remind late filers than to employ the services of Captain Sulu/Howard Stern vet/social media maven George Takei, whose trademark baritone lends an air of refinement and wit to something as dull as the tax code?

Takei stars in a total of five spots, which not only live on YouTube but also on his own social channels including Facebook (nearly 700,000 views and counting).

The usual bow tie-sporting H&R Block pitchman plays the foil to Takei’s shenanigans, whether he’s tanning while dropping science (above) or determining when someone actually turns 70.5 years old (below).

At this point, we’d rather just have Takei do our taxes for us — and despite the deadpan goings-on, the campaign probably won’t make anyone dread Tax Day any less.


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Charmin Proudly Tweets That It Will 'Take Care of Uranus'

Oh, Charmin. Don’t ever change.

The toilet paper brand, which previously chickened out and deleted its Thor-related joke about being the original “Asgardian,” has apparently come around on potty puns. Charmin’s newest tweet to cherish is a loose tie-in to summer sci-fi flick Guardians of the Galaxy.

“While they’re out guarding the galaxy, we’ll take care of Uranus,” the twitter image notes. 

My favorite part? It’s hashtagged #astronomy. Because if there’s one crowd that loves Your Anus jokes, it’s astronomers. 

That wasn’t the brand’s only space-themed Twitter shenanigans. Check out its mildly uncomfortable repartee with Star Trek legend and social media superstar George Takei below.

Hat tip to Marc Graser on Twitter.

Team One, Lexus Launch ‘It Got Better’ with Jane Lynch

Team One and Lexus have launched a new series on Lexus’ broadband channel L/Studio, entitled “It Got Better.”

“It Got Better” is a six-episode docuseries telling “the inspiring personal stories of a diverse group of LGBT actors, athletes and musicians including Jason Collins, Jane Lynch, Tim Gunn, Tegan & Sara, George Takei and Laverne Cox.” A collaboration between Team One, executive producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, and the It Gets Better Project (executive producers Dan Savage and Brian Pines), the docuseries just launched with its first episode, featuring Jane Lynch, star of Glee and, more importantly, Party Down. Lynch tells her story of growing up identifying more with boys, discovering her sexuality and treating it as something she was afraid her peers would discover, to finally embracing and accepting it and finding a supporting community. It makes for compelling viewing, well worth the time if you have six minutes or so to spare (yes, this runs a bit long), and a promising start to the “It Got Better” series, which has the potential to do a lot of good for struggling teens. We look forward to upcoming installments (especially from George Takei).

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Sharp, McGarryBowen Relationship Drawing to a Close



Well, we’ll hopefully have more color to splash on this by Monday or so, but from what sources tell us thus far, McGarryBowen’s four-year relationship with Sharp will be coming to an end by year’s end. Sources tell us that due to business/financial issues, Sharp, which has its U.S. headquarters in Mahwah, NJ, is planning on working with smaller roster shops come 2014. McGarryBowen was handed the Sharp U.S. account in 2009 by parent company Dentsu, which will continue working with the electronics brand on a global basis.

Among the more notable efforts that McGarryBowen was involved with for Sharp was the Aquos Quattron work from 2010 starring the one and only George Takei. More recently, McGarryBowen created the “Not for the Faint of Heart” campaign featuring various daredevils doing their thing all in the name of promoting the Aquos 90″ LED TV (below). Our sources add that no new work from McGarryBowen will bow this year for Sharp as the agency is just putting the finishing touches on its work on the Aquos 80″. We’ll fill in the blanks if and when we hear more early next week.

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