FCB, Canal+ Create ‘Wilhelm Scream’ Mockumentary

The newly Draft-less FCB worked with Canal+ to create a mockumentary on the famous “Wilhelm scream” entitled “The Woman Who Can’t Watch Movies.”

“The Wilhelm scream,” in case anyone needs a refresher, is the famous stock audio scream recorded by Sheb Wooley and named after the character Private Wilhelm in the 1953 western The Charge of the Feather River, although it was first used in the 1951 film Distant Drums. It saw a resurgence in popularity as a stock sound effect following its use in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It is now so ubiquitous (it has been dubbed in over 200 films) that it has become something of an in-joke, used in recent years in films by Pixar, the Lord of the Rings triology, and countless other movies. (There are rumors that directors Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino “maintain a bet as to who has used the “Wilhelm scream” more.”)

“The Woman Who Can’t Watch Movies” follows the (supposed) story of Sheb’s widow, Linda Dotson Wooley. Linda complains that she can’t watch movies anymore because she “just can’t bear to hear the sound of Sheb screaming out in pain over and over again.” After introducing Linda and her “condition” — a clever (although kind of sad) way to call attention to the sound effect’s ubiquity — the mockumentary introduces viewers to Canal+’s Scream Bank, “a catalog of donated screams for industry professionals to use in place of Sheb’s.” A few comically-off screams are then shown dubbed into a film, a great display of why the “Wilhelm Scream” has become such a well-worn cliche. The video is a teaser for Leave Wilhelm Alone, an upcoming documentary on the “Wilhelm scream.” Stick around for credits after the jump, and feel free to head on over to Canal+’s site and record a scream of your own. continued…

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EVB Welcomes Pair of Senior Writers with ‘Star Wars’ References

kategettyhomeSan Francisco-based agency Evolution Bureau (or EVB if you will), which is perhaps still recovering from last Friday’s Ad Ghetto Bl0ck Party, has brought on a pair of senior writers in Kate Getty and David Satterfield. Normally, appointments like these might be relegated to the news roundups, but we got a little kick out of the Star Wars-referencing welcome memo sent to EVB staff last week announcing the pair’s arrival. But, as the EVB staffers who happen to be hardcore fans of George Lucas‘s brainchild have pointed out to the authors, the Star Wars quotes are from Episode III while the image toplining the memo is from Episode IV. Tsk tsk.

Anyhow, as elaborated upon below, Getty joins EVB after spending nearly four years as a senior copywriter at Draftfcb San Francisco while Satterfield worked as a copywriter at Boulder’s Made Movement prior to assuming his new role. Read on below for the somewhat colorful memo, complete with Luuuuuke:



Subject: You were the chosen ones! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them.

 Heroes of The Confederacy! You may have noticed some new faces prairie dogging up from the cubes this week. That is because we have three new members of the EVB team! I know, right?!
Check out Senior Writer Kate Getty. She came to us all the way from across the street. Big fan of bow ties, Bourbon (she’s from Kentucky), and dancing, that Kate. In her own words:
Kate spent the past three-and-a-half years directly across the street at dfcbsf.com, working on Air New Zealand, Kikkoman, Dockers, Ooma, EA and Habitat for Humanity. She doesn’t smoke, but still met Hilldawgg on the corner last year, where they challenged each other to a dance fight. Before that she was working in Austin in the green sector at the social marketing agency Enviromedia.com, working on keeping the world beautiful and water around for a while longer. And before that, she got her start as a bartender at The Cock Pit (really), while working at The Butler Bros. (now Bogusky/Fearless Cottage’s storytelling partners, for the Crispin boys) to get her start, working on Livestrong and Sweet Leaf Tea. She’ll talk to you about: food, surfing, dancing, physics, and spirituality.

New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Quem disse que stormtroopers não sonham?

Vida de stormtrooper não deve ser fácil. Pelo menos para a maioria, clones criados e treinados para matar e serem mortos, todos iguais e descartáveis. Mas quem disse que um stormtrooper não pode sonhar? E, mais ainda, atrever-se a ser diferente? Para promover a edição personalizável do Nissan Juke, a TBWA/Hakuhodo acertou em cheio ao criar uma cidade habitada pelos soldados do Império Galático, em um filme muito bem produzido.

Dirigido por Scott Lyon, City of Stormtroopers mostra como o Nissan Juke é capaz de inspirar até mesmo um clone a sair em busca de sua própria personalidade.

Para obter a permissão da Lucas Film, a agência enviou uma carta pessoal a George Lucas, que concordou com o projeto. Esta não é a primeira montadora que aposta na franquia Star Wars para se comunicar com o público. A Volkswagen já fez isso repetidamente, isso sem contar as outras marcas que costumam resgatar os personagens da saga. Definitivamente, a Disney fez um ótimo negócio.


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Star Wars IV filmado pelos fãs: Toma essa George Lucas

Tenho admiração por quem segue o perfil do tipo “levanta, vai e faz”, sabe? E hoje encontrei um dos maiores (e melhores) exemplos disso: Um grupo (milhares!) de fãs de Star Wars se reuniu para fazer um remake do Episódio IV – A New Hope. Obtiveram a autorização para tal e produziram tudo via web (cada um filmava do seu jeito, em casa, etc).

Se é tosco? É óbvio que é! Mas isso só aumenta a personalidade do projeto. Os caras chegaram até a ganhar um Emmy Primetime Creative Achievement, vai veno!

E que a força esteja com vocês. :)

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