‘You’re on Mute’ Phrase Detector Developed to Raise Funds for Deaf Children

This scenario has become familiar to everyone in the yearlong lockdown and work-at-home mode: You sign on to a video conference with your laptop, only to see the other participants waving furiously and miming that your microphone isn’t activated. “You’re on mute” has become a phrase even directed at Jeff Bezos during the U.S. Senate’s…

Canadian Cancer Society Invites You to Fight Your Fears and Help Save Lives at the Same Time

Are you afraid of heights? Swimming with sharks? If you have a phobia you’ve been meaning to overcome, now is a particularly good time, thanks to a new campaign from the Canadian Cancer Society that lets you simultaneously raise money for the fight against cancer.

The idea behind the cash-and-awareness push, called the Fearless Challenge and created by Lowe Roche, is basically Kickstarter meets Fear Factor for a good cause. Make a video of yourself describing your fear, set a target for how much cash it will take to get you face that fear, and when you’ve reached your fundraising goal, make another a video proving that you didn’t chicken out.

It launches with endorsements and pledges from celebrities, many of them actors. Kevin Zegers (of Air Bud and Gossip Girl), for example, will face his fear of embarrassment and confrontation by fighting a professional sumo wrestler for $10,000. Jonathan Keltz (of The CW’s Reign and HBO’s Entourage), who is terrified of spiders, will allow himself to be covered in tarantulas for $5,000. Self-described control freak Italia Ricci (of ABC’s Chasing Life) will submit to a stunt drive with boyfriend Robbie Amell (of The CW’s The Flash) for $2,000.

The strategy is, overall, a clever one. It offers a relatively light-hearted way to approach an issue that’s deeply scary, while also seeking to address the problem substantively. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards cancer research and support services for cancer patients and their families. And one of the campaign’s key premises, that “no fear is too big or small,” is a great one, sure to help keep the scope broad. Case in point: One of the wheatpaste promoting for the challenge features shy guy pledging to high-five strangers for $100.

The woman who is promising on her pledge page to hug a circus clown for $100, though, really might want to reconsider… It’s perfectly rational to avoid that. 

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Draw me a copycat / La même idée, trait pour trait?

homeOriginal home2012 home2013
Red Cross – 2009
Agency : Disturb (Belgium)
Weingart Homeless Shelter – 2012
Agency : David & Goliath (USA)
French Salvation Army – 2013
Agency : Optimus

Zero evolution / Une idée qui n’a pas trop évoluée

homeless1 homeless2

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

“Help me to evolve” – 2009
“Good ideas bring good results”
Source : Young Lions Competition SILVER
Creatives : Bob Ferraz and Marcelo Melo (Portugal)
Experimente Self-Promo “Help me to evolve” – 2012
“Good ideas bring good results”
Source : Vimeo
Agency : Experimente, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

A skinny piece of creativity / Eh ben mon cochon!

skinnypig2002 skinnypig2009
Animal anti-cruelty league, Appeal for donations – 2002
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Lowe Bull Calvert Pace (South Africa)
American Red Cross of Massachussets Bay – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Tif Comunicação, Curitiba (Brazil)
Tout est bon dans le cochon… sauf peut-être la grosse copie franco de “porc”.
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