'Dear Kitten' from Friskies Proves Cats Still Rule the Internet

Friskies has partnered with BuzzFeed to produce some chunky, meaty kitten content fresh out of the YouTube can. The video below, quickly closing in on 10 million views, is voiced by Ze Frank, who works for BuzzFeed and is also a YouTube celebrity in his own right with his True Facts series, in which he tells you “true facts” about animals that are clearly not true.

It’s easy to see how this Friskies video is an extension of the humor in his existing series, but this time Ze Frank is voicing a cat who is writing a letter to a younger kitten who has moved in with him. “Dear Kitten,” the elder cat intones, “since I have hissed at you the customary 437 times, it is now my duty as the head of the household to—begrudgingly—welcome you.” At which point he offers the kitten lots of great advice about hiding from Va-coomb, sleeping in the underwear drawer, and of course eating delicious wet cat food from Friskies.

With #DearKitten becoming a popular tag on Twitter without Friskies even trying to seed it, it’s clear that cat content is still king of the Internet.

Cats React to Viral Videos in Surreal Friskies-Branded Spoof

Forget about kids and teens, how to do cats feel about watching other felines online?

In a bit of branded self-satire, YouTube megaproducers The Fine Bros. partnered with Friskies to create Cats React to Viral Videos, an April Fools' version of their highly popular Kids React, YouTubers React and Elders React Web series. But, instead of naive kids and teens talking about pop culture events, the duo interviewed kittens, cats and some fellow YouTube stars in cat costumes about famous cat videos. 

(Apparently, cats don't love the clips as much as their human servants do.)

"The Friskies team has been a great collaborative partner," Benny and Rafi Fine tell AdFreak in an email. "Our fans have always been asking us to make a spinoff of our popular React franchise, but with cats instead."

The Fine Bros. have a history of working with brands, so the spoof didn’t feel unnatural.

"The Fine Bros are some of the top video creators in the world today and have never integrated a brand partner into their 'React' franchise before. With a video like ‘Cats React,’ however, it felt like the perfect opportunity for Friskies and the Fine Brothers to collaborate,” Shaun Belongie, senior brand manager for Friskies, said in an email.

The product that Friskies is trying to promote, Friskies SauceSations, isn't featured heavily in the video. It only appears in a few small scenes and in the title card at the end of the video.

Reach Entertainment's head of digital, Marc Hustvedt, whose agency produced the ad, explained that in order for a video to go viral, it needs to feel organic. Brand sponsors can't litter the ad with their logos, or people will be turned off and won't feel the need to share it.


Campanha da Friskies reúne os “gatos-celebridades” da internet

Imagine um “supergrupo”, formado por alguns dos “gatos-celebridades” mais conhecidos da internet, estrelando um vídeo para ajudar a levantar fundos para abrigos de animais. A Friskies resolveu colocar essa ideia em prática e reuniu Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat e Hamilton the Hipster Cat em It’s Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas.

O compromisso da Friskies é doar uma lata de comida para gato para um abrigo ou organização nos Estados Unidos para cada view do vídeo no YouTube, mas estabeleceu um limite de até 500 mil unidades. Uma decisão esperta, ainda mais porque o clipe já ultrapassou os 800 mil views e continua aumentando.

A música poderia ser melhor – mas se você gostar, ela está disponível para download na Amazon e  iTunes.

Sem o cuidado que vimos em Dogs Sing for a Cure, parte da campanha Keep Cancer on a Leash, criada pela agência Red Urban para a Pet Trust, It’s Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas mostra os gatos-celebridades fazendo o que fazem de melhor: sendo gatos.

É fofo, tem cara daquelas produções caseiras da internet, mas em se tratando de uma marca como a Friskies e uma boa causa na época do Natal, poderia ter sido bem melhor.



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Friskies Forms Internet Celebrity Cat Supergroup for Charity

As if the yuletide media landscape weren't already littered with enough novelty fare, five famous Internet kitties—Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat and Hamilton the Hipster—join forces for a Friskies music video called "It's Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas."

I'm not convinced the sentiment is true, since during the holidays, most cats act just like they do the rest of the year; lying around, licking themselves and spitting up on the furniture (while their eggnog-and-fruitcake-gorged human masters behave the same way.) Still, the catty cuteness on display here supports a good cause, as Friskies is donating a can of wet food to a shelter or rescue group for each view up to 500,000, and the clip's already passed 300,000 in its first two days.

As for the cats, the Colonel steals it, looking grumpiest of all amid the tinsel and trimmings, poised to cancel all three-day passes for the holidays. Hey, keep those fur-ball-puking freaks away from the tree! Look out! Damn, there it goes, right into the fireplace. 


Henri the Existential Cat Sells His Bleak and Blackened Soul to Friskies

Henri Le Chat Noir was already feeling damned—trapped in an existential hell from which there is no escape. And that was before he was doing Friskies ads. The celebrated feline—winner of the Golden Kitty award at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, expert on the pointlessness of life as elucidated in videos by Will Braden—just released his first of four Friskies spots. He's been "commissioned by Friskies to explore the phenomenon of cat food boredom." Actually, it's nice that Braden will make a few bucks off this, considering everything he's done for Internet cat watchers. As for Henri, I suppose if there's no point to anything, then there's no point in not selling out. Now that he's hit rock bottom, though, perhaps he can ask for help.