Bremner Recalls Fresh Finds Brand Pistachios

c2008130153548133694_pistachioUntil Pistachios are cleared to be safe, expect a lot of companies that distribute them to issue voluntary recalls. Now these recalls should not be considered admitting that they are unsafe products. Rather it is a precautionary measure until a proper medium to determine their safety for consumption comes out.

Flavor House Products, Inc. and Nutcracker Brands, Inc., both part of the Bremner Food Group, announced a voluntary recall today of several brands of in-shell roasted and salted pistachios and dry roasted pistachio kernels. This recall is a precautionary measure due to the voluntary recall of pistachios announced by the supplier of the pistachios, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., on March 31, 2009.

Bremner has not received any reports of illnesses in connection with the items listed above to date, and no other Bremner products are affected by this action.

These recalled pistachios, supplied by Setton Pistachio, were distributed to Fresh Finds by Bremner. Setton Pistachio has initiated a recall of pistachios for all of its 2008 crop as it continues to investigate the potential for its pistachios to be contaminated by Salmonella. In light of these developments Bremner is undertaking this recall.

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