Frank Ocean's Calvin Klein Ads Only Deepen Mystery Around the Enigmatic Singer

Frank Ocean. Singer, songwriter, magazine editor, underwear model.

And now, perhaps, novelist.

While fans lose their minds over whether the mysterious R&B singer’s long-anticipated second album might, possibly, just maybe be released in July, he is providing a peek into his relationship with music, boxer briefs—and more subtly, long-form fiction writing—in a new Calvin Klein campaign.

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Frank Ocean Gets the Last (Four-Letter) Word in Spat With Chipotle

Remember that viral Chipotle ad featuring an animated scarecrow battling evil factory farms while Fiona Apple crooned a version of Pure Imagination over top? Apparently, Frank Ocean had an earlier crack at singing a version of the song but backed out before the spot was finished.

The reason, his lawyers claim, is that the brand tried to sneak in a Chipotle logo at the end after telling Ocean it was a video to promote responsible farming and also reneged on a promise to give him final approval.

The burrito chain denies those were terms of the deal and has filed suit against Ocean (born Christopher Breaux) for the half of the $425,000 that it paid him in advance. In response, Ocean posted to his Tumblr an image of a check for $212,500 (right above a separate post linking to the Wikipedia page about defamation). The payee line on the check is redacted, but the memo message reads, perfectly clearly, "Fuck Off."

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2012 Music Video Mashup

Coup de cœur pour « 2012 Music Video Mashup », le nom de ce montage vidéo réalisé par Renier Mouthaan qui pour l’occasion a mélangé 35 video-clips ayant fait selon lui l’année 2012 dans une seule et même vidéo, d’une durée de 8 minutes. Un mélange entre succès internationaux et réussites visuelles de l’année.

2012 Music Video Mashup7
2012 Music Video Mashup6
2012 Music Video Mashup5
2012 Music Video Mashup4
2012 Music Video Mashup3
2012 Music Video Mashup2

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Voici le nouveau et superbe clip de Nabil Elderkin pour l’artiste américan Frank Ocean, sur le titre « Pyramids » issu de son premier album Channel Orange. Un excellent travail vidéo de 8 minutes produit par Tara Ravazi, mêlant les symboles et les lieux. Un univers à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.