A Singing Nun for a Reality TV World

Sister Cristina Scuccia has become a sensation on the Italian version of the talent show “The Voice.”

A New Magazine for Fans of the Vatican’s Biggest Star

A testament to Pope Francis’ continuing popularity, Il Mio Papa (My Pope) will offer a glossy medley of papal pronouncements and photographs, and peeks into his personal life.


Breaking Bread With the Rev. Matt Malone: Jesuit Editor in N.Y. Is Intrigued by Politics and Motivated by Love

The Rev. Matt Malone, editor of the Jesuit weekly America, argues that some of the world’s problems can be solved only through “radical love and forgiveness.”

Shroud of Turin Going on TV, With a Word From the Pope

The linen cloth revered by many Christians as the burial cloth of Jesus is also getting its own app.