Team One Reveals Live Action Trailer for 2K’s Evolve

Team One has just revealed a live action trailer for 2K’s new game Evolve, which will be released on February 10th.

Set to a choral rendition of The Fugees,’ the trailer, entitled “Ready or Not” builds an air of mystery as a group of teens seem to play a game of Manhunt in the woods. Suddenly, another youngster runs and jumps from a ledge, landing in a pool of water and letting out a roar. The trailer doesn’t reveal much in the way of the game’s story, but does end with a brief look at game footage following a list of accolades and critical praise. The trailer (and soundtrack selection) refer to the fact that, according to a press release, “At its core, the title is an intense game of Hide and Seek.”

A broadcast version of the ad will appear during the premieres of Walking Dead and Better Call Saul on AMC this Sunday.


Client: 2K

Agency: Team One

Chief Creative Officer – Chris Graves

Executive Creative Director – Alastair Green

Creative Director – Phil Henson

Assistant Account Executive – Bailey Jones

Project Manager – Alissa Kovall

Copy Writer – Josh Paialii

Group Account Director – Nathan Smith

Producer – Jenny Valladares

Art Director – Davide Vismara

Executive Producer – Sam Walsh

Senior Business Affairs Manager – Janet Anderson


Production Company: Furlined

Director – Henry Hobson

Managing Director – Robert Herman

Executive Producer – David Thorne

Head of Production – Sheila Eisenstein

Line Producer – Stephanie Sciré

Director of Photography – Adam Kimmel


VFX: The Mill (LA)

Senior Executive Producer – Sue Troyan

Producer – Adam Reeb, Will Lemmon

Shoot Supervisor – Felix Urquiza & Dag Ivarsoy

2D Lead Artists – Dag Ivarsoy

3D Lead Artists – Felix Urquiza

2D Artists – Tim Robbins, Jake Maymudes, Patrick Munoz, Becky Porter, Daniel Lang, Remedy Huynh, Steve Gibbons, Chris Staehler, Derrick Ligas

3D Artists – Josh Hatton, Simon Brown, Steven Olson, Mike DiNocco, Jenna Kind, Jason Jansky, Meng Lu, Darren Sumich

Matte Painting – Lynn Yang, Gizem Ersavas

Colorist – Adam Scott

Art Department – Jeff Langlois, Brett Lopinsky, Laurence Konishi

Production Coordinator – Kris Drenzek

Color Executive Producer – Thatcher Peterson

Color Producer – Antonio Hardy

Color Coordinator – Diane Valera

Color Assist – Chris Obal, Nick Sanders, Gemma Parr


Editorial Company: TOM

Editor – Gabe Diaz

Motion Graphics – Robert Johnston

Assistant Editor – Sergio Maggi

Post Supervisor – Bryan Cook


Music: Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Conducted by Stijn Kolacny

Piano & arrangement by Steven Kolacny

Produced by Yannick De Pauw

Recorded by Dries D’Hondt and Filip Heurckmans

Mixed at studio Apes on Tapes (Lommel – Belgium) by Filip Heurckmans

Special thanks to All Parts Move (Maurice Keizer & Glenn Stone) and the team of Rhino / Warner Music Group USA


Sound Design Company: Robot Repair

Sound Designer – Doug Darnell

This Epic Front-Yard Dildo Battle Suddenly Becomes a Pretty Amazing PSA

Don’t you just love an epic dildo battle? Well, yeah, as long as it’s not your kid waving them around the front yard.

This new ad from McCann New York is all about dildos. But it’s not all about dildos. Check it out, and then read my take below (where there are obviously spoilers).

Watch the spot first. Spoilers below…

Why this PSA is genius: If we make a sweeping generalization about the sort of conservative people who generally defend their Second Amendment rights, we would suggest they may also be sexually conservative. Showing some boys playing with vibrators might not be all that shocking to a liberal. Heck, it was an Ikea campaign. But to people who don’t normally think kids playing with guns is a big deal (trust me, I know these people), seeing kids play with vibrators might be shocking and memorable.

Why this PSA is necessary: It’s National Safety Month. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, two children per week were killed in 2013 in unintentional shootings, and two-thirds of those tragedies were due to unsecured guns children found in a home. That means two-thirds of those tragedies were entirely preventable. Or as Evoleve—the advertiser in the PSA above—puts it, “It’s the right to bear arms. Not the right to be a dumbass.”

“Are there any unsecured guns in your home?” is a hard thing to ask another parent before you drop your kid off. But as this ad shows, it’s necessary. Since I live in Georgia, the state with the most school shootings since Newtown, where we just passed a sweeping new open carry law that allows more guns in more places, I know I’ll be asking it of any parent I leave my child with.

Those who are weirded out by epic dildo battles might also want to ask if there are unsecured sex toys.

Evolve usa humor para falar sobre porte de armas responsável

Nos Estados Unidos, a segunda emenda da Constituição garante aos norte-americanos o direito de portar e usar armas de fogo. Diz o texto: “Sendo necessária à segurança de um Estado livre a existência de uma milícia bem organizada, o direito do povo de possuir e usar armas não poderá ser infringido”. O grande problema é que muitas pessoas acabam abusando deste “direito” e as consequências estão aí para quem quiser ver, e o desarmamento da população está constantemente em debate.

Entre aqueles que são contra e aqueles que são a favor do desarmamento, uma organização chamada Evolve propõe um meio-termo em seu primeiro comercial, criado pela Saatchi & Saatchi de Nova York.

Usando o humor para conscientizar as pessoas sobre o armazenamento e uso responsável de armas de fogo, o filme The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses – algo como Constituição para Idiotas – leva o público de volta a 1787, quando os “pais da nação” elaboraram o texto.

Dirigido por Seth Gordon e produzido pela Community Films, o filme mostra Thomas Jefferson debatendo com outros líderes a inclusão ou não da frase “contanto que você não se comporte como um idiota” ao texto original.  Jefferson defende que não é necessário, pois confia no bom julgamento do povo… É claro que toda essa história é acompanhada de exemplos do uso idiota das armas.

Com a assinatura “O direito é de portar armas, não de ser um idiota”, parece ser um bom começo.



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Zero evolution / Une idée qui n’a pas trop évoluée

homeless1 homeless2

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

“Help me to evolve” – 2009
“Good ideas bring good results”
Source : Young Lions Competition SILVER
Creatives : Bob Ferraz and Marcelo Melo (Portugal)
Experimente Self-Promo “Help me to evolve” – 2012
“Good ideas bring good results”
Source : Vimeo
Agency : Experimente, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)