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‘Big Time Frank’ Stars in EVB, Victors & Spoils’ Latest for JCPenney

Former Wisconsin Badgers star power forward Frank Kamisnky stars in the 60-second “Big Time Frank,” created by EVB and Victors & Spoils to promote The Men’s Store at JCPenney.

The spot, which was released in time for the NBA Draft, examines how Kaminsky has changed in the lead-up to going professional, a similar approach to BBDO’s “Life Changes After The Draft” for Foot Locker. In this case, however, the changes friends and family note are mostly related to Kaminsky’s wardrobe. “He wears linen,” points out one friend, “who wears linen to a basketball court?” During the interviews with friends and family, Frank can be seen chilling in a lawn chair in front of his house. The spot ends with him responding to the accusations that he’s changed with, “What, can’t a guy wear coral?” followed by the “when it fits, you feel it” tagline.

While the fake documentary style of the ad is a bit played out, its humor stays dry rather than over-the-top and the message is closely tied to the brand. Kaminsky, by the way, was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets yesterday with the ninth overall pick in the draft.

Meow Mix Unveils Catstarter, a Kickstarter for Cats

It's a wonder that cat-related brands don't already rule the Internet.

Cat-food brand and renowned jingle lover Meow Mix makes a move in that direction with an amusing and even potentially useful parody of Kickstarter—called Catstarter—envisioned as a way to crowdsource cool new cat-related inventions. Ad agency EVB conceived the site as a playful, feline-focused version of the well-known crowdfunding platform. But instead of actually backing Catstarter projects financially, you can just click on the ones you like, and Meow Mix will produce the most popular ones.

The site launches with three products; the top vote getter will go into production this spring. (The heated companion keyboard is an inspired one that I'll back right now.) It's also an R&D lab of sorts, as the brand also wants people to suggest ideas for making kitty lives better—something we can all get behind, yes?

Full credits below.

Client: Meow Mix
Campaign: Meow Mix Catstarter
Agency: EVB 
Executive Creative Director: Steve Babcock
Creative Directors: Patrick Maravilla (Copy), David Byrd (Art)
Art Director: Tom Zukoski
Copywriter: Nate Gagnon
Designer: Markandeya Sendan
Illustrator: Natalia Martinez
Motion Graphics Designer: Kevin Brown
Sound Designer: J. Michael Neal
Director of Technology: Ken Goldfarb
Lead Interactive Developer: Josh Kanner
Interactive Developer: Ken Crosby
Senior Producer: Kevin Turner
Vice President, Director of Account Management: Kathleen Foutz
Strategist: Neeti Newaskar
Producer: Kevin Turner


JCPenney Awesomely Remixes ‘No Diggity’ as ‘Go Ligety’ for the Olympics

Let's take a break from the pre-Super Bowl ad madness to take a look at a spot for that ­other big February sporting event—that's right, we're talking about the Sochi Winter Olympics—that might be just as good as any of the best ads we'll see this Sunday.

Over the next few weeks, JCPenney will be encouraging customers to round up purchases to the nearest dollar to support the U.S. Olympic Committee. To promote the campaign, Penney came up with an extremely random but also sort-of-genius concept: an Olympics-themed remake (by EVB and Victors & Spoils) of Blackstreet's 1996 hip-hop classic "No Diggity" featuring alpine skier (and 2006 gold medal winner) Ted Ligety. And if that's not bizarre-slash-wonderful enough for you, the retailer got Blackstreet's own C. Black to perform it and star in the video.

"Go Ligety" loosely parodies Blackstreet's original "No Diggity" video, but with JCPenney being a family brand and all, there are some pretty major changes: Rather than having scantily clad video girls emerge from a limo, the "Go Ligety" backup dancers are a group of minivan-driving suburban moms. Instead of lyrics like "Strictly bitch, you don't play around/Cover much ground, got game by the pound," we get, "There is no better way/To say hooray for Team USA." And this time, the puppet version of C. Black has a friend: a Lil' Ligety marionette!

A word of advice before watching this spot: Be prepared to have "Go Ligety" stuck in your head for the next 24 hours. That is, if you haven't started humming it already.

Credits below.

Client: JCPenney
Spot: "Go Ligety"
Agency: EVB, Victors & Spoils
Group Creative Directors: Steve Babcock, Noah Clark
Creative Directors: Rich Ford, David Gonsalves
Art Director: Zack Roif
Executive Integrated Producer: Lisa Effress
Account Director: Lynn Harris
Account Manager: Mike Dusman
Production Company: World War Seven
Director: Shillick
Executive Producer (Production Company): Josh Ferrazzano
Producer (Production Company): Mike Begovich
Director of Photography: Max Gutierrez
Postproduction: Coyote Post
Editor: Jared Varava
Assistant Editor: David Monoco
Music Company: Beacon Street Studios
Music Producer: Caitlin Rocklen
Musician, Singer: Chauncey Black
Licensed Track: No Diggity
Arrangers: Mike Franklin, Dewey Thomas
Sound Designer: Mike Franklin
Visual Effects Company: Coyote Post
Visual Effects Producer: Heidi Spencer
Colorist: Paul Byrne
Business Affairs: Platinum Rye
Planners: Carlisle Hensley, Sara Smith
Choreographer: Michael Franklin
Puppeteer: Michelle Zamora