CP+B’s Evan Fry Sheds the Monster for People for Bikes

Evan Fry, creative development chief at CP+B, teamed up with photographer Jamie Kripke to create “Shed the Monster,” an ode to the transformative power of cycling for enthusiast organization People for Bikes.

In the spot, a man in an over-sized monster mask becomes angry with everyday frustrations like opening the fridge to find an empty carton of milk. When he goes to the garage he finds that the car is taken, and angrily pedals away on a bike instead. Soon, though, he’s enjoying the bike ride so much that he slowly becomes more and more human, and by the time he reaches the grocery store he has “shed the monster” and is a normal dude again. For Fry, it was a personal passion project, with the message echoing his own relationship with and life-long love of bicycles.

“I know this will sound corny and pretentious as hell,” Fry told AdFreak, “but ever since I was a little kid, cycling in one form or another has been my therapy, my church, my athletic pursuit, my trusted friend and my main vehicle for growth. I’ve always felt that jumping on a bike, no matter how long the ride, really does help you ‘Ride away the grrrr.”


Writer/Director: Evan Fry
Writer/Director/DP: Jamie Kripke
Producer: Corey Bartha
Monster: Darin Toonder
Edit: Beast
Editor: Sam Selis
Producer: Erin Dykman
Executive Producer: Ron Rendon
VFX/Online Artist: Jim Reed
Colorist: Dave Ludlam
Executive Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Antonio Hardy
Color Coordinator: Diane Valera
2D Lead: Tim Robbins
VFX Producer: Kiana Bicoy
VFX Coordinator: Jillian Lynes
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Composers: Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau
EP/Head of Production: Leslie DiLullo
Mix and Sound Design: Beacon Street Studios
Mixer: Mike Franklin
Assistant Mixer: Aaron Cornacchio
Monster FX: AFX Studio
Producer: Kate Vadnai

Reilly Out at CP+B

robreilly1Wow, figured the encroaching holidays would be a slow time but just got official word that Rob Reilly, 10-year vet and partner/worldwide chief creative officer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky is leaving the agency to “pursue new ventures.” According to the Crispin camp, which also lost UX lead Matt Walsh recently, the creative department has been restructured as a result of Reilly’s departure, which will now all allow all of its camps including Boulder, L.A. Miami, London and Gothenburg to have “increased autonomy.”  The “restructuring,” which follows Reilly leaving along with his wife, 16-year CP+B vet and managing director/partner Laura Bowles, was concocted by Reilly, CEO Andrew Keller and CP+B chairman, Chuck Porter. From the announce,  executive director of creative development Evan Fry  (who rejoined CP+B over a year ago) and director of art & design Dave Swartz (the CD who we most recently noted in this Roman Coppola-directed Microsoft effort) will help guide the new creative structure while still reporting to Keller.

So, what does CP+B CEO Andrew Keller have to add? Well, in a statement, he says, “I am extraordinarily lucky to have Rob and Laura as friends and to have worked with them as partners through some of the most exciting and courageous times at CP+B. This structure really speaks to the immediate needs of our clients and our vision for meeting those needs. This is an incredibly exciting step in delivering outstanding creative work to our clients.”

During their career, both Reilly and Bowles led CP+B accounts including Domino’s, Burger King and more. As for Bowles, the MD moved up the charts during her career at CP+B from content supervisor to VP/account director to her most recent role as partner/managing director, working with other clients including Hotels.com and on new biz efforts. Sources say the parting was on good terms but we no word as to what Reilly and Bowles are up to next.

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To Clarify, We’ve Been Told Evan Fry’s ‘Test’ Did Not Result in Terminations

Since last week, we’ve been hearing about a certain “test” that Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s executive director of creative development, Evan Fry, laid upon certain creatives in recent weeks at the Boulder hub. Fry, if you recall, rejoined his old shop last fall after co-founding crowdsourcing-loving Victors & Spoils.

According to those in the know, Fry’s test did not in turn eliminate staff–though we’re hearing otherwise. The questionnaire we received, which contained a handful of inquiries, via tipsters was apparently inaccurate, save for those regarding how one would redesign an ad for a certain client among other things. Sources familiar with the matter would not elaborate on which client it was as it’s being protected for time being. We were told initially that approximately 10 creatives were let go as a result of the test, but CP+B sent us this statement:

“We are constantly assessing that the right people are working on the right things and this series of questions was one way to do that. No one was terminated or will be terminated due to their answers and that was never the intention of these exercises.”

We have some names, but will spare the innocent and not reveal those who were allegedly let go.

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