Greeks Question Media, and New Voices Pipe Up

Amid the Greek financial crisis, small radio stations, magazines and websites take a bigger role in the nation’s civic discussion.


Memo From Greece: Muffling of a Voice Provokes an Outcry in Greece

Since the state broadcaster was shut down last week and its 2,600 employees fired, there has been an outpouring of solidarity, despite its long history of mismanagement and patronage.


News Finds New Ways to Flow as Greek State Broadcaster Is Shut

The government said ERT and would reopen later with far fewer employees to satisfy the demands of Greece’s creditors because the news outlet had become corrupt and bloated.


Greece Shuts Down State Broadcaster ERTGreece Shuts Broadcaster ERT in Bid to Show Resolve

In a surprise move that angered labor unions, the coalition government said the state-run broadcaster, ERT, was a “haven of waste.”


Greece Shutting Down State Broadcaster ERT

In a surprise move that angered labor unions and its junior partners, the conservative-led coalition government said the broadcaster, ERT, would shut down at midnight Tuesday.


Germany Faces Criticism in Cyprus for Policies on Bailout Program

Intense negative reactions to the bailout program for Cyprus appear to be jangling nerves in Berlin, where Germans are bridling at comparisons with the country’s dark past.

Spanish Magazine Publisher Bets Against the Crisis

Andrés Rodríguez, the publisher and founder of SpainMedia, has much at stake in the debut this month of a Spanish-language edition of Forbes.

An Optimism Movement in Spain

As Spaniards deal with the lingering economic crisis, a new movement hopes to lift the nation with a focus on silver linings.