Cops Aren’t There to Check Your Balls for You, Cancer PSA Reminds Guys

In every sense, testicular care is a delicate matter. So while it can be a bit weird and uncomfortable to feel yourself up every so often, nonprofit Testicular Cancer Canada makes the point that it's each guy's job—and no one else's—to check his balls for lumps.

In addition to reminding us that this is no role for police and mechanics to play, the ad also makes a really good case for why we should be glad it isn't. Gentlemen, we've all had this moment, but very rarely with officers of the law (that said, I'm not here to judge). Watching this alternate reality, I find myself wondering, what do they feel as they do this? Emotionally, I mean.

Anyway, the two commercials in the series make a great pair. They're ballsy and a little bit nuts. The campaign rocks, is what I'm trying to say, and even though Canadian agency Grip Limited produced it pro bono, it's worth the family jewels. Testicles.