Achtung! Asks, ‘Would You Trade Your Car for an Unknown Porsche?’

Chances are you’d give up your car for a Porsche, right? The folks over at independent Dutch agency ACHTUNG! are betting on it, delivering an interesting an interesting new campaign where they ask people to trade their car for an unrevealed new Porsche model.

Driven by the insight that “40% of Panamera’s had been pre-ordered before the model had even hit the road” and enthusiasts often pre-order a new Porsche model based on little more than Internet photos, ACHTUNG! has introduced the new interactive platform “Blind Trade,” to see if people show the same enthusiasm for a completely unknown Porsche.

Starting today, car owners can offer their current vehicle for trade at During the first phase of the campaign, the new model’s identity will remain a mystery, with a new feature of the new model revealed every two days for three weeks. The earlier you decide to trade, the greater your chances to bring home the new model. 2,000 cars were offered as a trade for the new Porsche model in the first hour alone, so there are no shortage of takers. In addition to how early it is offered, the value of your trade will also determine your chances of bringing home the new Porsche model. On March 31st, the winner will drive off in the new ride, “without having to pay any additional costs,” at which time the Dutch Porsche importer will take ownership of the winner’s trade-in. “Blind Trade” has to be one of the more interesting online initiatives we’ve seen in recent memory, and serves as a powerful illustration of the strength of Porsche’s brand. Head on over to the site now if you want to have any chance of taking home the new Porsche (or if you’re just curious to learn more about the campaign), and stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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