Etihad Airways Selects Cheil, Barbarian Group for Digital, Social

Tired of That Cramped Airplane Seat? How About This Incredible Three-Room Cabin Instead?

At one time or another, I think we've all wished that air travel was less like being crammed into a cattle car and more like being crammed into a one-bedroom apartment.

Well, Etihad Airways has made the latter a reality with The Residence, a three-room premium cabin (with shower!) on its Airbus A380 that costs something like $43,000 per trip to reserve. A personal butler and chef are factored into that price, by the way, which is why it's roughly the down payment on a nice house. But that's the price one must pay for that high-roller Elvis lifestyle. Minus the shag carpeting and drugs, I mean.

If you can stand listening to Dannii Minogue for three whole minutes, she gives a video tour of the suite and details its various amenities below.

Via BloombergBusinessweek.