California Denies Scorned Journalist Stephen Glass Right to Practice Law

More than 15 years after the revelation that Mr. Glass had partly or wholly fabricated dozens of magazine articles, the high court denied his request to practice law in the state.


After Leaving Office, Bloomberg Is More Hands-On at Old Company

Michael R. Bloomberg’s dive back into the news side of Bloomberg L.P. has worried some that the division’s editorial independence could be called into question.


Mixed Reactions From Media Critics After One Cuomo Interviews Another

Some watchers questioned whether it was appropriate for Chris Cuomo, a journalist on CNN, to interview his brother, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York.


Some News Organizations Decline to Publish Minors’ Names

News organizations were split on whether to identify two Florida girls, 12 and 14, accused in the online bullying of a third girl who committed suicide.


The Media Equation: War on Leaks Is Pitting Journalist vs. Journalist

The recent security and military leaks have received predictable criticism from the government, but a number of journalists have also lashed out at those who are closest to the stories.