Africa, Brahma Bring Brazilian Soccer, Beer Closer Together

Brazil is already known as the land of beer and soccer, but now A-B InBev brew brand, Brahma, in conjunction with the Rio de Janeiro-based branch of agency, Africa, is bringing the country’s passions closer together than ever before with Brahma Selecao Especial, a new limited-edition beer brewed for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Brahma Selecao Especial’s big selling point is that it is brewed with “barley planted, grown and harvested on Granja Comary, home to the Brazilian national soccer team,” which should score major points with Brazilian soccer fans. Literally bringing together beer and soccer by planting on the Brazilian soccer teams’ decades-long training grounds, the “same soil where [the] five-time world champion team was conceived” brings the World Cup-sponsoring brand even greater appeal to Brazil’s soccer-loving faithful.

Sergio Gordilho, Africa’s co-president and CCO, says, “Creating and developing such an innovative idea in partnership with such a legendary brand shows a new frontier for advertising, where the agencies stop thinking about the media and start focusing on the idea. We developed this project with Africa Lab, an innovation arm of the agency, and we are looking forward to see the results on shelves around the entire country.”

Africa collaborated with Brahma at every step of the process — they even “accompanied the planting of the barley, its growth and harvest, the development of the product, and helped with the promotion and launching strategies,” claims Africa co-president and CEO Marcio Santoro.

The new beer, complete with “packaging [which] leaves aside the brand’s traditional red color for black, subtle green and yellow lines paying homage to the arrival of the World Cup to Brazil” will be available beginning next month, but you can pre-order it now on Brahma’s website. Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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Samsung, Telefonica/Vivo Pay Homage to Brazilian Rocker, Raul Seixas

Samsung and Telefonica/Vivo join forces to show some love for  Raul Seixas, a legend in Brazilian rock circles, by creating the first ever music video for his tune, ““Metamorfose Ambulante.”

The song, which translates as “Walking Metamorphosis,” was composed about 40 years and helped launch Seixas to stardom in his home country. Samsung and Telefonica/Vivo’s music video is a loving homage to Seixas that simultaneously shows “how technology changes people’s lives and how the power of connections can transform human beings.” Seixas’ family “participated in each stage of development” for the project. The large-scale film production was “shot by a team of 75 professionals in Argentina’s Sierra de la Ventana,” an ideal location for the music video’s Stone Age setting.

An app is available in addition to the film, which allows users to upload their photos and transform them into a characterization of Seixas, likely inspired by the hundreds of Seixas impersonators who transform themselves for an annual parade in downtown São Paulo celebrating Seixas’ birthday. The app and music video are both part of a new branded content campaign for Telefonica/Vivo from the agency Africa. Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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