Memo Revisits Policy on Citing Leaked Material, to Some Confusion

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence sent an internal memo to its work force on Friday about its new policy on pre-publication reviews.

Intelligence Policy Bans Citation of Leaked Material

Current and former intelligence officials may not cite in their speeches or writings any news reports based on unauthorized disclosures.

Recordings, Posted Online, Rattle Officials in Turkey

A recording was posted on YouTube in which officials were heard discussing a plot to establish a justification for military strikes in Syria.


Facts Elusive in Kabul Death of Swedish Reporter

Afghan officials, however, continued to back a theory that Western intelligence agents were to blame in the death of Nils Horner.


Austin Goodrich, Spy Who Posed as Journalist, Dies at 87

In the 1950s and ’60s, numerous secret agents for the United States used journalism as a cover. Mr. Goodrich, unlike some, considered himself primarily a spy.


Snowden’s Leaks on China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate

New revelations by Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor believed to be in Hong Kong, may make China more apt to help him.


3 Tech Giants Want to Reveal Data Requests

The technology companies asked the government for permission to reveal details about the classified requests they get for the personal information of foreign users.


Holder Faces New Round of Criticism After Leak Inquiries

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., a target of attacks from Republicans, faces fresh complaints over the Justice Department’s campaign against leaks to journalists.


Tim Tracy Sought to Show Venezuela’s Divide, Friends Say

Tim Tracy, who was arrested on Wednesday, is accused of plotting to destabilize Venezuela and promoting civil war.