Honda, RPA Explore Haunted Civic

In one of the more ridiculous clips you’re likely to see this Halloween, Honda sent a paranormal investigator to check out Wilmington, California native Ernie Santos‘ 1996 Honda Civic.

Santos has (supposedly) long complained of paranormal encounters in the Civic, including unexplained noises, items disappearing and reappearing in the trunk and friends complaining that they feel hands on their shoulder when no one else is in the car. When he commented about these occurrences on Honda’s Facebook page, Honda sent “nationally recognized” (whatever that means) paranormal investigator Erik Vanlier of Valley Investigators of the Paranormal to explore his vehicle.

In the video, we see Vanlier do his whole paranormal investigator schtick. He claims to feel a hand on his shoulder and communicates with the spirits, who contact him via “electronic voice phenomena” which sounds suspiciously like a radio dial being tuned in and out to pick up random words. Eventually, Vanlier is able to get the spirits to leave. He is, after all, a “nationally recognized” paranormal investigator. A relived Ernie Santos enters the car and claims it “feels different.”

As you can tell I’m a skeptic when it comes to the whole paranormal investigator thing, and Vanlier isn’t especially convincing. If you’re into this kind of thing and watch any of the slew of paranormal reality shows on TV, you might find this an interesting little clip. If you’re not a paranormal enthusiast and you’re just looking for a little Halloween fun, you might want to look elsewhere. This video is mostly just Erik Vanlier in the back seat of a 1996 Honda Civic screwing around with some electronic devices, unconvincingly playing at making paranormal contact. I don’t mean to be a big downer on Honda’s Halloween theatrics, I just think they could have come up with something a lot more interesting than this.

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