Author Responds Awesomely When Facebook Likens Her Page to Porn Star’s

What do you do when Facebook starts comparing you to a porn star? Well, if you're irreverent marketing consultant and author Erika Napoletano, you run with it.

Napoletano recently realized (after receiving what she describes as "a metric fuckton" of emails from friends) that fans of her Facebook page, Redhead Writing, were being targeted by an ad campaign from (see update below) recommended to also follow fellow redhead Camille Crimson, an adult video star and entrepreneur. As a writer and public speaker known for her uncensored attitude, Napoletano thought it would be fun to turn the tables, so she had a friend snap some semi-nude photos and temporarily rebranded her Facebook page to match Crimson's (see the comparison below). "Camille’s a pretty hot sandwich," Napoletano writes, "and I’m flattered that Facebook thinks we're similar."

Most marketing professionals, of course, would never have the guts to pull off something like this. Then again, most porn stars probably wouldn't have the marketing savvy to run social targeting campaigns. So while it's definitely an odd pairing, in this case they'll both likely benefit from all the buzz.

UPDATE: Camille Crimson clarifies that she has not run any Facebook ad campaigns, and Napoletano agrees that this whole situation was likely just Facebook making an organic recommendation. "I didn't target her fans," Crimson writes on AdFreak's Facebook page. "I haven't bought any Facebook ads. She and I had a polite discussion about it and laughed it off." We've updated the headline on this post to reflect that Crimson herself was not targeting Napoletano's page.