HUSH Shares the Power of Memories for Lyve

New York-based design agency HUSH wrote, directed and produced the above brand video for Lyve, a “highly-anticipated personal content solution.”

In the video, a father is seen unpacking moving boxes and discovers an old photo album. The mother, meanwhile, uses Lyve to synchronize photos and video in one location — the LyveHome. It’s a demonstration of how we used to collect and store memories, and how it has evolved with technology. In the process, Hush also demonstrates “the full range of capabilities for Lyve’s apps and the LyveHome, as the mother…utilizes Lyve to consolidate photos from various devices and cameras and effortlessly scrolls through them on all her devices, including a television.”

“Building a brand story around a scary proposition like losing cherished digital memories would have been an easy road to take – but Lyve is about so much more,” writes HUSH in a press release. “Instead, we worked with Lyve’s team to celebrate the way we capture, store and rediscover our personal digital content and to leverage the emotional impact of every photo, every video – every memory.” Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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HUSH Lights Up Venetian to Launch Memory-Storing Tool, Lyve

Brooklyn-based design agency HUSH (who you may remember from their unique way of ringing in 2014) were tasked with launching Lyve, a startup offering a new solution to the problem of information overload, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. To do this, they transformed two suites in the Venetian Hotel in the heart of Vegas into a completely branded space, complete with “lights, displays, and visuals to showcase Lyve’s unique offering.”

HUSH’s installation was “anchored by a large central screen flanked by a custom designed product display. The screens [showed] a collection of personal images and videos breaking into fragments and transforming into colored lighting illuminating the assortment of tablets, phones, and other devices arrayed on glowing physical pedestals below.” The visuals were designed as a kind of metaphor for Lyve’s collecting, sorting and protecting service.

As HUSH creative partner David Schwarz explains, “Lyve is an elegant solution to a persistent technological problem, and we were happy to help them define this product while introducing it to the wider world. In words, the offering sounds complex, but showing it visually feels simple – so we created a metaphor to discuss how the different technology platforms capture and share content all to one central product.”

While I’m sure you’d have to have been there in person to get the full experience, you can watch HUSH’s CES installation for Lyve in the video above, and be sure to stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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