Les Gaulois’ New Citroën Spot is Badass, In Any Language

My French may be deplorable, but luckily you don’t need to speak the language to realize Les Gaulois’ new spot for the Citroën C4, entitled “Catapulte,” is pretty cool.

The 45-second ad, directed by Markus Walter,  pays homage to classic 70s car chase scenes (such as the famous one in Bullitt) with a series of cars catapulting over steep hills. Appropriately set to a 70s funk soundtrack, the series of cars careening over a steep, San-Francisco-esque hill includes a woman whose groceries fly free from their paper bag during the jump. Then, the smooth Citroën C4 handles the hill with ease, as another car catapults right over the drivers’ head. It’s a clever way to show off Citroën’s sleek new model, and just a plain fun viewing experience. I may not know what the voiceover is saying at the end of the spot (no close captions on YouTube for this one; if you speak French, though, please offer us up a translation in the comments section), but I know I enjoyed the ad. Credits after the jump. continued…

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