Who Needs the Client? This Unhelpful, Sarcastic Siri-Like Voice Will Critique Your Designs

UPDATE: The site was working earlier but seems to be having trouble now, making it even more unhelpful! Original item below:

Hearing sarcastic web-design appraisals delivered in dulcet, Siri-esque tones is everyone's idea of big fun. So Ryan McLeod, Grant MacLennan and David Park from Equator, a digital agency in Glasgow, Scotland, created Critique That Shit.

It's a bonnie time waster! Type in a URL and get a none-too-serious (read: totally random) site critique. Its judgment of AdFreak: "I am crying like a little sissy girl, but they are tears of utter joy. Your work is spectacular." Wait, did I say these critiques were random and sarcastic? That sounds spot on to me.

"In digital, everybody has an opinion on creative direction—be it the director, the marketing team, client services or the client—and therefore it's pretty easy to find the quotes," MacLennan tells AdFreak. "It was this we really wanted to have fun with, to take the silly quotes out of the context of their project."

Some other notable quips from the robo critic: "Your negative space is so dope, it should be more like positive space," "You targeted the shit out of that market" and "You are, like, so ahead of the trend."

"The Siri-esque voice just adds to the overall stupidness of the idea," MacLennan says. "It's super deadpan, but at the same time slightly patronizing."

Siri-inspired audio also rocks MacLennan's RapperWisdom.com. The voice reads pretentious Kanye West quotes—such as "I am Warhol … I am Shakespeare in the flesh" and "I am a God. Now what?"—accompanied by a celestial choir and pious "amens."

"I had a look through Kanye's tweet history and realized they are all absolutely amazing," says MacLennan. "I re-styled it as the church, with Kanye bestowing on you his wisdom."

Well, Grant, I think this quip from Critique That Shit sums up my feelings best: "I 100 percent appreciate your design efforts!"

Via Design Taxi.