Energy BBDO Showcases ‘Roach Art’ in Latest Raid Spot

We’ve seen “Dead Mouse Theatre” so why not “#RoachArt?” Energy BBDO worked with Vault49 artist artist Jonathan Kenyon to create a series of three billboards made entirely out of, yup, dead cockroaches for insecticide brand Raid.

Kenyon’s creations show a roachy grim reaper riding a jet, motorcycle and monster truck (we think). Each contains the message “Kills 7X Faster” with the speedy vehicles meant to convey the brand’s homicidal expediency. As Kenyon explains in the video below, larger roaches were used to outline the pieces, while smaller roaches were used for finer detail. Working with the information that a roach infested house can have up to 20,000 roaches, each piece of art contains around the same number. Neat!

While most will find the concept disgusting, it’s also attention grabbing and not something you’re likely to forget soon. In fact, the approach may gain the brand a little free media by making an appearance in viewers’ nightmares. Raid isn’t the first brand to toy with such a morbid and gross concept, as the aforementioned “Dead Mouse Theatre” saw Barton F. Graf repurposing mouse carcasses as theatrical puppets and, more recently, BBDO Russia created miniature portraits out of mosquito blood. Adweek calls the OOH pieces “strong contenders for the most disgusting ads of 2016.” 

That’s tough to argue, although Rules Creative Taiwan’s intern recruitment effort is certainly a contender as well. 

Bud Light Reveals EnergyBBDO’s ‘Coin’ in Full

Bud Light has released the full 90-second version of EnergyBBDO’s “Coin” Super Bowl spot, the latest in the brand’s “Up for Whatever” campaign.

Anheuser-Busch first unveiled the ad on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night and uploaded the spot to YouTube, where it has received almost 150,000 views. The 90-second “Coin” doesn’t exactly offer up any surprises, as it’s basically what was promised by the teaser: a guy playing a real-life game of Pac-Man. “Coin” coasts along on that rather fun idea, opening on a man in a bar being asked if he’s “up for whatever” and then following the instructions on his Bud Light to “step outside for some old-school fun.” While the setup seems like it could have been handled more quickly (cutting down on the ad’s length a bit), the actual game itself is pretty entertaining.

The ad will air during the fourth quarter of the game, one of three ads A-B InBev will air during the Super Bowl, along with two for Budweiser (including a follow-up to last year’s popular “Puppy Love”).

EnergyBBDO Teases ‘Coin’ Super Bowl Spot for Bud Light

EnergyBBDO today released a 15-second teaser of “Coin,” the 60-second Bud Light Super Bowl spot featuring a life-size game of Pac-Man.

The “Coin” teaser doesn’t reveal much — but then there’s not really all that much to the premise, so showing much of the actual game might detract from the spot’s impact on February 1st. Basically, a guy at a bar receives a Bud Light bottle that says to “step outside for some old school fun” and enters a room for a life-size game of Pac-Man. It’s all a tie-in to Bud Light’s new packaging, which was revealed at the end of last month. The brand’s Super Bowl push will be supported by a “House of Whatever” event in Arizona (where the Super Bowl is being hosted) which will run for three days. The “Coin” Super Bowl ad is one of three A-B InBev is running for its Budweiser brands, along with two spots for the slightly-less-watery Budweiser.

Bud Light's Super Bowl Teaser Offers a Glimpse of Life-size Pac-Man Game

Waka waka waka.

Bud Light on Friday released the 15-second teaser below for its upcoming 60-second Super Bowl commercial, in which—as promised—a man accepts a challenge to play a crazy, life-size game of Pac-Man.

As seen in the teaser, the dare is written on the label of his Bud Light bottle. That ties into a new Anheuser-Busch packaging campaign that began in December, in which Bud Light bottles now come with almost 50 different “Up For Whatever” messages to inspire drinkers to be more spontaneous and fun.

In the full 60-second Super Bowl spot, titled “Coin,” from EnergyBBDO, the man follows the hint on his bottle and “finds himself in a giant Pac-Man maze, having the time of his life,” says the brand.

The work builds on Bud Light’s buzzy 2014 Super Bowl campaign “Epic Night,” which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle and took the brand away from its usual scripted jokes and into dynamic real-life stunts. This year’s campaign will be supported by a three-day House of Whatever event in Arizona, near the site of the Super Bowl.

In addition to the Bud Light spot, A-B plans to air two 60-second Budweiser ads (one of them a sequel to last year’s chart-topping “Puppy Love”) on the Feb. 1 Super Bowl telecast.