‘Stuntbrofessional’ Satires Energy Drink Marketing in NOS Digital Campaign

Coca-Cola's NOS Energy Drink takes stupidity to a "hiiire" level in a mind-meltingly over-the-top series of digital clips mocking the marketing tactics used by competitor brands like Monster and Red Bull.

Clocking in a bit under two minutes each, the clips from agency Mistress feature the many failed job interviews of Jordan Treehoefer, an "energy drink marketing stuntbrofessional for hiiire."

Treehoefer is the oafish em-bro-diment of loud, loutish, big-time energy drink promotions, and the videos detail his attempts to get a job hawking NOS, only to fail because the brand is too legit. An overcaffeinated pastiche of John Belushi, Bob Odenkirk and Randy Savage, Treehoefer is like an amped-up grizzly bear with a marketing degree.

This buffoon unloads many choice lines during his mildly NSFW "interviews" at NOS, such as: "Is your mind getting hard? I'm about to blow it;" "People respect you when you blow your wad;" "You've gotta blast your logo all over everyone's faces;" and his oft-repeated mantra, "People are stupid."

Treehoefer's all about staging outrageous stunts to promote NOS (and coincidentally satirize other energy drink brands). While wearing a spacesuit, he pitches a Red Bull-esque Mars expedition, screening animation of an astronaut whose head explodes into dollar bills as he removes his helmet. "Boom! THAT'S how you sell energy drinks!" He's got mad cycle tricks in his repertoire, such as the "McGloryHole3000," "McGrundle720" and his signature move, the "940McWankle," in which he rear-humps the handlebars while flying through the air.

Like the product being advertised, this stuff is an acquiiired taste. Some viewers won't last through 20 seconds of these videos—but they're probably not in the demographic, anyway. The brand's young male target market appears to be responding, with the ads generating more than 1.5 million combined YouTube views since the first clip was posted a month ago. Check them all out after the jump.



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