Lesser Energy Hogs by 2011


There is no law that prohibits any consumer to buy a flat screen TV. Hence, if controlling the energy consumption problem is the real issue, then state regulators are best left going after the manufacturers and setting down laws that require a certain degree of energy consumption to help curb energy hogging due to the vast purchase of electronic items.

By 2011, such regulations will be set. The gadgets will still be around but hopefully improved. Retailers have to make the necessary adjustments as early as now or else risk the chance of manufacturing their product line that will be shelved permanently.

Mike McMaster, president of Wilshire Entertainment Inc., worries that a rush to impose TV efficiency standards “would be basically the end of our business.” His locations in Thousand Oaks and Valencia employ 54 people and specialize in sales and installation of custom home theater systems centered on extremely large TVs.

(Source) LA Times