Google Translate "#EveryoneSpeaksFood" (2016) 2:44 (USA)

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are food brings us all together. This branded content features 18 chefs coming together under one roof to create an experience called Small World, celebrating different cultures languages and food. Throughout we see chefs bringing their passion to life and of course mobile device usage as people use the translator to see what it is they’re going to eat. It’s pretty neat, but it’s also a no-brainer. They spent the first 45 second explaining how food is the great cultural uniter. Of course everyone is going to have a good time. And while it may be true that you don’t often see Scandinavian and African and Israeli and Japanese cuisine on one menu, it’s not like these foods haven’t been introduced to each other before. Not to get all nerdy but Brazilian cuisine is already a mixture of African, Portuguese and Indigenous. And we’ve already endured the fusion craze. So while it’s a cool idea, I’m missing the tension and the “so what,” factor. It feels less like some grand experiment and more like like one big dinner party at a trendy pop up restaurant in New York. With an app.

TP-LINK "Patio" (2016) :30 (USA)

Moving all your patio into the house ain’t no fix for bad wi-fi. Get TP-LINK instead. Also then you won’t have to deal with Cameron so that’s also a bonus.

TP-LINK "Bedroom" (2016) :30 (USA)

Here in this spot, a couple’s going to get hot and heavy to the sensuous sounds of elevator music. But the song keeps buffering, so the creepy internet dude is going to move their modem around and then eat a bag of popcorn while they gat back to doing the deed. What is it with ad concepts involving dudes sitting in a bedroom watching people have sex? Seems like the cd’s are spending too much time at work. I’m sensing a little frustration.

Kandenko – AgIC Circuit Marker (2016) 1:50 (Japan)

Kandenko - AgIC Circuit Marker (2016) 1:50 (Japan)
This product could sell itself, it’s a conductive ink pen, that is a circuit marker, how cool is that? Wait wait, it gets cooler! The team who created this ad will not only hypnotize you with the perfectly drawn lines that turn the lights on, but also they’ve cut the paper so they can pop up a little Lumino city-like city, right before your eyes. It’s so magical I forgive the twee soundtrack. Also, I’ll take an entire case of these pens, please.

Relish "Careful what you sign for" (2016) 1:39 (UK)

In this hidden camera spot, a barista helpfully explains to the punters how much they’re in for — after they’ve already put their signature on something. Funny as far as stunts go. I just don’t know why we bother with hidden camera spots any more. They feel as cliché as the “we’ve secretly replaced the diner’s coffee with Folger’s Crystals, let’s see how they react,” ploy is as old as the 80’s by now.

Lennox "Degrees of Perfect" (2016) 2:00 (USA)

Take temperature controlled walls plus thermochromic paint that reacts to changing temperatures and some murals created by street artists )but not on the street of course because it’s illegal) and you get a mural that keeps changing. When heated air from Lennox systems is applied to the murals, the thermochromic paint layer becomes colorless, revealing the base coat underneath, which provides a second layer for the artists to express themselves in a two-part visual story. When introduced to cool temperature, the color returns.The street artists in question are street artists: Bacon, Dodo Ose, 123Klan, Slick and Zek One. It’s a really nice piece of content, but I don’t know who it’s meant for. I can’t imagine a younger demographic has the dosh to buy or replace their heating/cooling element as they’re most likely living in apartments. Looks nice, anyway.
In any case there’s a live exhibit, happening today at the Container Yard in Los Angeles.

MGT "Secure your doors" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

John McAfee has now CEO of MGT, a publicly traded company that started as a penny stock and is now above 3 dollars. Back in May, MGT, owner of some online and mobile video games, also acquired some assets from a cybersecurity firm called D-Vasive, oh which McAfee also backs. MGT will essentially become the cybersecurity answer the world needs. And if today’s news about Hillary Clinton’s hacking problems are enough to attest, we do need better cybersecurity. McAfee’s been steadily promoting MGT on his Twitter account, for a minute now. But today marks the the first ad launch. Much like McAfee’s “Exit Politics” ad in which he launched a bid to run for President on the Libertarian ticket, this ad continues in the same vein.
In this case, your right to privacy, which can only be achieved through proper data management, i.e. cybersecurity, i.e. by securing your doors. Much like the McAfee for president spot, this has a very Crystal Method/Matrix/Cyberpunk feel to it. While the ripped-from-the-headlines news about hackers stealing our identity, privacy, finances, are very real problems, MGT, is planting a stake in the ground as being a real solution. Even if it isn’t exactly spelled out what the solution is in the ad. But that’s just as well. McAfee may be an eccentric genius with a capital E but I’ve heard a lot of his interviews and read his articles, too. And I would dare say one of his greatest strengths is the art of cogent plain speak as much as anything else. Lightning struck once for the guy. No reason it won’t strike a second time.

Telenor – The Gold Medal SIM Cards (2016) 2:00 (Norway)

Telenor - The Gold Medal SIM Cards (2016) 2:00 (Norway)
Norwegian national hero Aksel Lund Svindal is the world’s fast skier. Telenor is Norway’s fastest mobile network. To celebrate this, Svindal melted his first gold medal from 2007 and put that gold into 3 million SIM cards. in addition, Svindal created a fund in his name to help get more Norwegians out on the slopes among other projects.

U.S. Cellular "#MyAnywhere Contest" (2016) :30 (USA)

Where’s your anywhere? No matter where you find it, you have coverage there, thanks to U.S. Cellular. So you can share your anywhere photos. And now if you share them to @USCellular with the #MyAnywhere tag, you could win some prizes including a trip to anywhere in the U.S.

Verizon "A better prepaid" (2016) 1:30 (USA)

Goofy dudes dancing in the diner, one of them dropping rhymes about his pre-paid in a nod to Kelis’ hit “Milkshake,” which is now thirteen years old. Dude even drops some Spanish to appeal to the Hispanic market, bringing up the feature of being able to call Mexico. “With my prepaid Mexico feels like home. For my cuates, I’ve never been gone. My grandma thinks I’m a good boy. Bye bye roaming, there’s no extra charge.” I get the sense that Verizon has no idea what “Milkshake” was actually about. But to be fair, very few phone companies can pull off hip, especially when treating the lyrics like one rhyming retail features list.
If people aren’t big fans of it, Verizon should just put the blame fair and square on Lonely Island. If they know who that is. Without Lonely Island, the goofy parody rap would be kept to a minimum.

OnePlus – The Loop – A VR experience (2016) :60 (Denmark)

OnePlus - The Loop - A VR experience (2016) :60 (Denmark)
The first Oneplus phone was been released to the world with an invites system, and the OnePlus 2 followed similar suit. Everything will be different with the OnePlus 3, which will be launched in a unique interactive VR experience. A space-mall, with their incisive founder Carl as a hologram showing you around.

Step into the particle lift and enter the Loop, the world’s first global shopping experience in VR by downloading the app here and setting aside 12:30 PM Eastern Time* June 14th for virtual shopping. During the first two hours of the launch, the OnePlus 3 is only available in the Loop, which is the world’s first global VR shopping experience.

The ad is created by Digital LBi, Copenhagen Denmark and will runs online and selected media channels targeting a global market. The launch schedule for the Loop sales of the 3 is: 12.30 PM EDT (New York), 9.30 AM PDT (San Francisco), 4.30 PM UTC/GMT, 5.30 PM BST (London), 6.30 PM CEST (Paris) and 10.00 PM IST (Bengaluru)

No more invites! But first come gets the first phone. This is so much better than queueing up outside of an Apple store.

Samsung "Virtual motivation" (2016) 3:40 (Sweden)

New Mills AFC is the worst football club in England. They hadn’t won a game all season. The town doesn’t even both to show up to the games. Something had to be done. Enter: Samsung. The equipped the entire team with Samsung Gear VR–glasses so they could receive a pep talk from none other than Harry Redknapp. And was incredibly inspiring and motivating. So did they go out there and win? No! When I saw that I had to laugh. Okay, so all that technology for a virtual pep talk and they are still the worst team, eh? So much for VR. What I will say is this: Harry Redknapp’s speech which you can see below, is a treat. With just the right amount of keyboard schmaltz and inspirational words. “Winning is a choice….on the pitch and in life.” Nice touch his calling out those guys by name, too.

Motorola "06.09.16" (2016) :45 (USA)

It says something about the current times that we’re nostalgic for 2006! Or maybe Motorola just wants us to be? I don’t know. The music is as annoying as it was a decade ago, and thank god when I worked on the Razr at that time, (at my very first agency, sigh) we didn’t actually use that music in our spots. I have no idea why I should care about a teaser spot that will most likely be a misdirect as they aren’t “bringing back,” something pre iPhone but obviously will be something else. But then again, I’m can’t stand nostalgia. Especially when it involves high school emo kids.

HP "Magic words" (2016) 2:32 (Brazil)

This documentary from AlmapBBDO is for HP. With more than 13 million illiterate people in Brazil, there are a lot of stories that won’t get passed down from generation to generation. Until now. HP has developed technology that records words as text-to-speech and then prints them in real time. So stories like the ones you see in this documentary will live on as will the lives of the people who told them, even if they don’t know how to write it down themselves. Fascinating.

Cengage Learning "ReadOn" (2016) 2:00 (Mexico)

Mexican children spend 4 hours playing on a smart device and less than one minute reading. 1/2 of Mexico’s school kids won’t finish a single book outside of class this year. Something needed to be done about this problem. So Cengage Learning in partnership with National Geographic came up with a plan that maximizes kids’ behavior in the best possible way. ReadOn is an app that turns the tablets home screen in to a page form a book. The child has to read it and then answer a question before the device is unlocked. The following page is saved for the next time but if the kid wants to keep reading, he has that option, too. Meanwhile his parents can track the progress by their phone.
If the kid likes the book, he can heart it to notify the parents, too! They can even purchase a book from the app which is awesome.
Really fun idea. I love how it’s attempting behavior modification. But It also says a lot about how bad parents are at teaching their kids the value of learning. And yes, the fault lies with them. They can’t blame teachers as education begins at home.
As for apps in general, I have to say kids are smarter at hacking the system then we give them credit for. So how effective will this really be in the long run and what is it teaching kids? It’s teaching them that reading is a chore. It’s akin to a password or a captcha. Do this to get the reward. We should be teaching kids that reading is the reward.
Also, parents should act like parents. I’d rather say “read twenty pages of this book and then you can play Minecraft,” and have my kid complain for a second until they get lost in the book than to be held hostage by a device that Google uses to mine data from my child, let alone my data.
And if you think that’s impossible, you don’t understand how to get kids interested in stuff. Not to brag but I can get my daughter to read the same books I read back when I was a kid, just by painting a vivid picture of what she’ll miss out on if she doesn’t. I also stress the importance of an imagination which by the way, we shouldn’t ever lose. And there’s no app required.

Com Hem "Come home to play" (2016) 1:00 (Sweden)

They had me at Lou Reed so I was going to sit through anything that played “Satellite Of Love,” but this spot is charming and it wastes no time in setting up Com Hem as being the most powerful home entertainment experience.

Samsung Mobile – Thing Called Love – (2012)

Samsung Mobile - Thing Called Love - (2012)
Oh dear. Is that singer a Justin Hawkins from The Darkness?

I’m with die-hard apple fanboy/a beard short for a *nix-nerd guy. “That was over the top”. Indeed. Way over the top.

Dell – Paris (2002) – 0:60 (USA)

Dell - Paris  (2002) - 0:60 (USA)
Steve travels, dude.

Dell – Steve – Lecture (2002) – 0:60 (USA)

Dell - Steve - Lecture  (2002) - 0:60 (USA)
The “Dude you’re getting a Dell” guy annoys a whole class.

RadioShack- Sugarplum Fairies – (2009) :15 (USA)

RadioShack- Sugarplum Fairies - (2009) :15 (USA)