Tense Moments in de Blasio’s TV Interview

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mayor Bill de Blasio faced pointed questions about his stance on New York charter schools and conceded that his public-relations efforts had to improve.


Educational Publisher’s Charity, Accused of Seeking Profits, Will Pay Millions

The Pearson Foundation will pay $7.7 million after the New York State attorney general found that it had repeatedly broken state law by helping develop products for its corporate parent.


Campaign Spotlight: Ads Use Famous Figures to Put a Face on a Problem

A campaign to highlight the potential of children with learning difficulties uses famous achievers from history who are believed to have had some of the same problems.


‘Sesame Street’ Widens Its Focus

With its usual silliness, “Sesame Street” is introducing serious concepts about nature, science, math and engineering to its target audience of children too young to read.


Advertising: A View of What’s Missing From the Classroom

A campaign about school absenteeism is the latest collaboration on education by the Ad Council and the United States Army.


F.C.C. Backs Plan to Update a Fund That Helps Connect Schools to the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission wants to fix E-Rate, a program to give schools telecommunications services, which has been criticized for not keeping up with modern technology.


On TV and the Lecture Circuit, Bill Nye Aims to Change the World

William Sanford Nye, better known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, has gone from TV host to fierce defender of scientific issues that have been polemicized for religious, political and even economic reasons.


Seeking Exposé, Students End Up in Handcuffs

Two journalists from West Islip High School on Long Island set out to examine school security measures, but they were prosecuted for trespassing and their article was quashed.


Advertising: Back-to-School Shopping Campaigns, Already?

The tenuous state of the economy is a major reason for the earlier arrival of back-to-school shopping campaigns.


At School Papers, the Ink Is Drying Up

Fewer resources, lack of interest and the Internet have led to fewer high school newspapers in the city’s public schools.


TED Teams Up With PBS for Education Program

If it is successful, the show could become a template for future joint projects.


News Corp. Has a Tablet for Schools

The Amplify, a 10-inch Android tablet for kindergartners through 12th graders, will come with the company’s education curriculum, which can also be used on other devices.

Jonathan Levin High School, Named With Hope, Is Expected to Be Closed

A high school named after Jonathan M. Levin, a dedicated teacher killed by a former student, has had changes in its student body, and it is expected to be closed.