Surviving Progress

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Our mental software is ill prepared for the technological experiment humans have unleashed on the natural world … but it’s not too late to update the program. If you haven’t already, check out this award-winning documentary inspired by Ronald Wright’s 2005 book, A Short History of Progress.


Dismal Economy’s Bright Spot

new-iab-logo1Today, as I was feverishly submitting resumes and simultaneously reading about the economy (multi-tasking for all you would-be employers), I came across ”Ten Winners in the Recession” on Yahoo!, nestled nicely on the Personal Finance page.

Although there weren’t a whole lot of suprises, a few made me scratch my head. Some of the better listees included: Resume Writers & Editors, Condom Manufacturers (we’re poor, but safe!), At Home Coffee Brews, and…(drum roll, please) Career Development Websites! 

That just goes to show you that there is opportunity out there if you know where to look for it.

Surprisingly omitted from the Top Ten list was the single shining light emanating from the advertising sector: Online Ad expenditures. According to the IAB, 2008 saw Internet advertising revenues increase by 10.6 percent overall compared to 2007. Search advertising showed the highest percentage gain, increasing by 19.8 percent over 2007 and accounted for 45 percent of all Internet ad spending. Online display advertising increased by 8 percent while classified ad revenues fell 4 percent. The IAB study, completed with the aid of PricewaterhouseCoopers, can be downloaded here.