Movie Box Office Figures Largely Flat for 2013

The domestic box office for 2013 was up a barely perceptible 1 percent, to $10.9 billion from $10.8 billion, while the worldwide take rose 4 percent, to $35.9 billion from $34.7 billion.


El País Ousts Editor; 3rd Spanish Paper to Do So Amid Financial Woes

The departure of Javier Moreno at Spain’s leading daily newspaper is a new sign of economic turmoil caused by slumping advertising and dwindling circulation.


With Punishments or Pardons, Putin Shows He Is in Control

He has demonstrated an ability not only to wield the executive power of the Kremlin but also to bend the legislative and judicial branches of government to his will.


Journalists in Syria Face Dangers of War and Rising Risk of Abduction

The Committee to Protect Journalists has reported at least 14 journalists who are missing or have been abducted, but the total number of kidnappings is believed to be much higher.


Hollande’s TV Appearance Criticized

Already low in opinion polls, President François Hollande was seen as less than inspiring as he answered questions about France’s ailing economy.

Satellite Radio Still Reaches for the Payday

Deep debt, including Howard Stern’s $500 million contract, is causing Sirius XM Radio big worries despite growing revenue and class=”advertisement” a href=””img src=”” border=”0″//a

I’m Penniless, but the Laugh’s on Them

Financial jokes are the new punch lines in town from late night television to satirical papers like The class=”advertisement” a href=””img src=”” border=”0″//a