Beware of Misleading Ads

Easy Jet Misleading Ad

As far as advertising is concerned, you can expect some of them to exaggerate some stuff and even get to the point of misleading the consumer market with their practices. This is common and some people just fail to realize it. The exposure of ads are becoming aggressive and rather than analyzing and reading them closely, people are too involved in observing the images and scenes rather than what an ad is all about.

Consumers only get to realize a product once they have purchased one. While many are using the psychological warfare to sell their product, consumers don’t even have a clue that they are buying goods that may not even have all the necessities that were injected into the ad that they saw. And I guess you know who becomes the loser and the winner in the end right?

Just look at this example of misleading advertising:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized easyJet for its Easter promotional campaign, when the no-frills airline claimed that if was offering 25 percent discounts on nearly all tickets, including just about all routes.