Swirl Creatives Ask, ‘Do Soulmates Exist?’

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, a few creatives at San-Francisco based agency Swirl are releasing a video called “Less Than One” with an accompanying website.

The 5:30 “Less Than One” explores the question, “Do you believe in a soulmate?” as a couple wrestle with that question. The woman asks her boyfriend this at the beginning of the video, and he replies that it just doesn’t make sense. He then examines the likelihood, mathematically, of her finding the right guy, and by the end seems to concede that perhaps fate does play a role in finding the right person. “Less Than One” is well-produced, written, and acted enough to make all this watchable and slightly less cheesy than the synopsis I’ve just provided might suggest. The accompanying website allows users to input information about their location, age, and romantic preferences to calculate their own chances of finding a soulmate — although their calculations seem to ignore the possibility of finding someone outside your nearest city, kind of a big oversight in the age of Internet dating sites. Credits after the jump. continued…

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