Bicultural? Um…Maybe.

drpepperlogoDr. Pepper has kicked off a program known as Vida23, celebrating la vida23, “a flavorful, bicultural life to the 23rd power.”
A mobile dance club/studio and arcade, plus a new song written for the program, will be touring American cities.

“Just like the unique 23 flavors Dr Pepper, Vida23 is designed to give consumers more out of every day,” said Monica Morales, Dr Pepper brand manager, Hispanic market. “Hispanic young adults are living the best of both worlds – they’re bicultural and bilingual. Unlike previous generations, today’s young Latinos literally have one foot in each culture and Vida23 celebrates their way of life.”

The song, “LA LA LA Life/Vida23,” was written and performed by Cucu Diamantes and Andres Levin, founding members of the fusion band Yerba Buena. The song could be described as African-rooted Latin music + hip-hop + Soul/R&B. The song can be heard over the air, or during Dr Pepper spots.

picture12Vida23 is meant to embody the bicultural lifestyle using Club23, Dr Pepper’s dance club on wheels where fans can play games, dance, and upload photos. Beginning in Dallas on May 15, Club23 tours the country, hitting locations such as LA, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Sacramento. Club23 dates and locations are available at

Other promotions that will run later in the year include Tu Ride23 and Familia23. The Tu Ride23 promotion will give consumers a chance to win a car, and Familia23 awards a huge party to a family submitting a photo of themselves enjoying Dr Pepper while explaining how they live their life to the fullest.

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