Hot babes in lingerie building a store

Great ambient media idea to create some buzz around your new shop.

Marisa has hired models wearing lingerie while they are building the shop.

The pedestrian can have a look on these hot girls through a hole in the wall.

Advertiser: Marisa Lingerie

Anti Gordon Brown election advertising campaign posters

David Cameron from the Conservative Party has released a violent outdoor advertising campaign against Gordon Brown’ reelection from the Labour Party.

Have a look on this 3 posters from the Tories anti Gordon Brown.


I released 80,000 criminals early

Let me do it again.



Huge chinese chin sold as an advertising space

Chang Du is a chinese guy with a giant chin selling advertising space.

His purpose is to raise money with sponsor (£5,000) that want to advertise on his chin.

With the money collected he will be able to have surgery to get his giant chin back to normal size.

And sorry but[…]

Music scratch mat with your foot viral video

Nice idea of the scratch mat that allow you to scratch on music with your foot while cleaning your shoes.

by Felix Moller & Daniel Westhof

Razor that scratches underarms for real

Great ambient media campaign for Nivea Antiperspirant that is regenerating underarm’s skin after shaving.

This billboard is scratched under the arm of the girl and we can see the light bulb behind.

Seen in Parisian underground.



Advertiser: Nivea

Penthouse eye, the billboard ad looking like a vagina

Nice optical illusion for this advertising billboard for Penthouse in Bulgaria with an eye that looks like a vagina.


Advertiser: Penthouse

Invasion of orange balloons in Roma

Nice guerilla marketing campaign for Easyjet with an invasion of orange balloon in the streets of Roma.

Advertiser: Easyjet

Visa Pompeii ambient media: lava airport conveyor belt

Really good ambient media campaign for Visa Pompeii which has used the airport conveyor belt as a lava flow.


Agency: TBWA\Tequila, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood
Creative Director: Guy Roberts
Art Director: Tamryn Kerr
Copywriter: Michael Goldthorpe

Real Madrid – AC Milan Heineken trap for fans viral video

Amazing concept in this video from Heineken that is scamming Italian football supporter for the Real Madrid – AC Milan match.

Basically, Heineken with the complicity of 100 girlfriends is forcing italians males to assist a classic opera while the Real Madrid – AC Milan match is happening…


Smart car with a huge shoe horn

Good ambient media campaign for Smart to demonstrate that the car is fitting into tight places.

smart car shoe horn

shoe horn smartsmart shoe horn

Fits into tight places

Advertiser: Smart

Nissan Qashqai hung on a building wall

Following my post about Nissan Qashqai splashing paint on competitor’s cars, I have discovered yesterday night in London (old street tube station) this wall with a real Nissan Qashqai hung on it.

Nice ambient media!


Urban proof

Advertiser: Nissan Qashqay

Decoration of a London train station by Homebase

What a surprise in this video for the londonian commuters arriving at Carlisle Station when they saw the station decorated as a house.

Advertiser: Homebase
Agency: Leo Burnett London

It remembers me the gurilla marketing operation for Ikea in the street in NY, no?


Advertiser: Ikea

Marmite is launching a shower gel

Marmite is a great advertiser very well know for their campaign you either love it or hate it.

This time in their outdoor campaign they are faking to launch an absurd product: the shower gel Marmite to make people accepting the new product that goes less far: the cereal bar!

Really clever[…]

The Horse and Hound Boutique

Advertised brand: The Horse and Hound Boutique.
Meatball sceneted dog-sized outdoor media
Advertising Agency: Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg
Copywriter: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg
Account executive: Hanna Jönsson
Maneging director: Johanna Jernbäck
Photographer: Erika Lidén, Linda Åkerman
Typographer: Anders Nilsson
Published: 01-09
Description: How do you reach dog owners? Through their dogs. How do you reach dogs? Through […]