This post is about a Chilean Design Students oriented website I’m working on, so its content is rather irrelevant in english. If you’d like to view it in spanish, just click on the flag to your right.


Hetilica Bold FOR FREE

As a part of a College final exam I had to make a typeface which I ended up naming Hetilica.

Based on information signs of alcohol licenses among several beverage expendiums in the area of Cartagena, Chile; Hetilica is composed of wide strokes and the brush’s interaction with the medium.

You can download it 100% free by clicking here.

Please feel free to use and spread as you please. Just let me know when you do so I can see it in action.

Cheers and thanks.

Hetilica Bold

Hetilica Bold

This font I just finished is based on the local alcohol stores around the beach in the city of Cartagena over here in Chile. It was a project for our school workshop class and I’ll be giving it out for free in the upcoming days, just gotta adjust some minor tweaks, add a few more characters and maybe, just maybe release it in a couple more weights.

Anyways stay sharp for the release of this and a couple more fonts of mine.

Thanks for dropping by. goes live

We’re just opening up the doors over here at and it’s been amazing and enlightening to see that the entire fam now has a place to interact and build up even further.

You can find me over at

Huge things to come. Big up to Sub Rosa and the KDU core crew for making this happen.


Website Update

Diego Quintana updates

After a whole lot of geeky-skill-needing issues, I’ve finally re-launched my official personal portfolio with a lot of new works, some drafts and some quality pics of printed works.

Also, I decided to step it up a notch and give the über-awesome Cargo CMS a go. So far it’s been amazing. Loving it from top to bottom, so if you get a chance, be sure to apply for an account.

So, feel free to drop by the all new and check it out. Plus, I’d be deeply grateful if you let me know your thoughts on the site, the work, the blog or anything you feel like talking about with me at


The KDU is back online

After a long time in the making, The KDU is finally back online and bigger than ever. We now hold a collective website to showcase the very best of the KDU’s work in a well balanced, beautifully planned and direct way.

It’s been 5 long years put together in one place for you to see the highlights of what’s been going down in the KDU trenches. HOTTTTT STUFF!

We’ll also be having our own personal blogs soon so keep your eyes open for any new intel.


DQ + Limité Magazine

Limité Magazine

As of today I am a contributing author to the fresh digital magazine/blog Limité Magazine.

In its own words, Limité is “… dedicated to capturing the echelon of modern world culture‹elevating the unique and inspiring in fashion, design, travel, the arts, and pure expression. Fueled by a desire to serve as the voice uniting cultures from around the globe, Limité celebrates diversity, creativity, and a passionate lifestyle for the modern man and woman.

Be sure to check it out!



Filter017 is a Tokyo based design agency dedicated to making some lovely vector graphics and creative and fun solutions.

I became a big fan of their work a while ago and today I just got me one of their super hot wallets, so now I can go show off all over the place looking fresher than ever.

If you wanna see some insane vector talent drop by their official site, and if you wanna grab a piece of the action, go hit their BigCartel shop for some major goodie-fest.

Thanks to the guys at Filter017 for inspiring me and making my money-pulling-and-card-holding-experience hell of a lot more fun.

Joia Magazine 2009

Around 3 months ago the good peeps at JOIA Magazine decided to recruit me as part of their staff to take charge of their new website’s design and programming.

Today, at last, after a lot of work and problems, the website’s finally online.

So the invitation’s open for you to check the site out and give me your input. Any crticism, opinions or comments of course are always welcome.

Link: JOIA Magazine.

Justin Maller 2009


Abstract render savvy / Depthcore’s father Justin Maller just popped out some hot freshness down at his site. Over 20 pieces for your eyes to get blown away.

Go show some love.

DQ x PSDTUTS+ / Interview

The good people at PSDTUTS+ just interviewed me asking me a bit about my creative background and my overall process in creating a few of my pieces.

Fun stuff to do. Big thank you goes out to Emil from PSDTUTS+ for the interview and of course everyone who’ve shown their support.

New portfolio update

Just updated my portfolio with 9 fresh new works for you to look at.

Just go to the menu on the left to check ‘em out.

Feedback of course is always appreciated.

Out on Vacations

No, I won’t be going to the place you see in the picture, but I will be leaving to the beach tonight and will be gone for a week. So anything you may need, just hit me up and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

See you soon!.

Inspired-Inspirers Issue 6

Fresh out the oven now comes our 6th delivery.

A well rounded issue with collaborations by amazing creatives Tom Muller, Florencia Mazza, Pete Harrison and Sheena Aw.

Great contents to start off a great year.

As always big thank you to our guests and you for dropping by.

Pagination Error

I hadn’t realized that my blog had a rather huge mistake. Pagination didn’t work.

That’s all fixed now, fortunately.

Some permalinks have changed, so if you’re a regular, you might wanna double-check.


Happy 2009

Inspired Inspirers, Issue 5

Issue 5 is now open for business!.

We’re slowly expanding our reach with the great collaborations by:

Alberto Cerriteño
Karoly Kiralyfalvi
Miriam Moshinsky
Helio Vega.

As always a big thank you to everyone who participated in this issue and you for visiting.

Merry XMas 2008