Breaking Bad Online Experience


AMC are premiering a new original drama series on Jan 20 called Breaking Bad. If it’s half as good as their first effort Mad Men then we are all in for a treat. After checking out the first 5 minutes online I have to say I’m intrigued.

View the experience here. An interesting fact is that all the graphics are shot as video. There’s no 3D which is very evident with the test tube section. Also the experience is random giving you a different experience each time you visit. Although the random element isn’t really sold into the user.

It reminds me of the early Hi-Res sites where you are taken through a journey rather than left to navigate freely. The sound design is top notch. Actually follow the instructions and turn your speakers up as this really heightens the mood.

Also it took me 3 minutes to realize it’s the dad (Bryan Cranston) from Malcolm in the Middle. My fav character from the show. I had no idea he has been in so many different productions.

The online experience is by Mono and Unit 9. Mono reflecting AMC’s success with everything they touch turning to gold and coming from no where to be a major player in the last 12 months.

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