Beck's Creates a Poster That Lets You Play or Remix 10 Songs

Beck’s recently made an unorthodox contribution to New Zealand’s Music Month by unveiling a touch-activated street poster that lets passers-by play or even remix tracks from local musicians.

The posters are made with conductive ink and special sensors that react to human touch like an iPad screen would, with audio coming from a rear-mounted speaker. Most of the music provided is feckless indie rock, but it’s a nationally sponsored music festival, so no one should be expecting Meth Drinker or anything.

The posters were a collaborative effort between Novalia and the Shine agency, and one of the posters has been put up for auction to benefit the New Zealand Music Foundation. You may recall that Beck’s came up with a playable beer bottle last year, which makes me wonder if Beck’s has a hidden agenda to make music come out of anything. If so, I eagerly await the singing toilet seat.


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