At least your work wasn’t this bad in 2007

What were the biggest marketing blunders of 2007? I’m too buzzed on eggnog to compile my own list, but both Fortune and Collateral Damage have amusing roundups. The former (which we Twittered earlier in the week) selects Procter & Gamble at No. 1 for putting kids’ pictures on a diaper boxes without forking over the big bucks, or even informing their parents. (Hey, I was at that casting call. I really should’ve shaved.) Topping the Collateral Damage chart: Take Two Software’s inclusion of O.J. Simpson as a player for a team called the Assassins in its All Pro Football game. I’m not sure that’s a blunder, since O.J.’s inclusion makes me want to check out a product I’d normally have zero interest in. Go, Juice! Cartoon Network’s outdoor push for its Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie placed high on both lists. Parent company Turner Broadcasting shelled out $2 million to the city of Boston after the campaign ignited … sorry, strike that … I mean, set off … sigh, just forget it … a bomb scare in Boston. Given the quality of the film in question, I’d say a bomb scare was pretty much inevitable.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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